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Review: Vasco Gives Us Some “Tender Luv” With Help From MØ, Medina & More

Danish producer Vasco has been infamously known and loved for his left-leaning approach to producing pop music. Fellow countrymen and -women like MØ and Soleima as well as international acts such as Terror Jr and Baauer have already collaborated with the aspiring artist and trust him for his smooth productions. After his signing to Big Beat Records, he is now ready to step into the spotlight all by himself.

To do so, Vasco has just released his first EP titled “Tender Luv”. While the EP officially does not credit any singers and the voices are highly pitched, we have taken a deeper look at the various co-writing credits for you to discover the who’s who on Vasco’s latest tracks. Hint: you may know more than one person from the list since most of the featured artists are highly successful friends of Vasco’s, not only nationally but also internationally. Maybe you find one of your favorites on the release, too?

Read our review below to find out more about the featured artists:

The first track on the EP is titled “Running Wild”. It was written by the singer with Vasco himself. Previously, the two have already collaborated heavily on MØ’s EP “When I Was Young” so it makes sense that the two would find together again on Vasco’s first full-length work. “Running Wild” is probably the best track to listen to for anyone who has not encountered his tracks yet: the song features Vasco’s traditional mix of glitchy instrumentals over a synthy production. “Running Wild” is wonderfully smooth and deeply intriguing. The perfect starting point not only for the EP but also for the producer himself.

The second track, titled “‘N Now I Feel Like”, was written by the Danish pop trio Scarlet Pleasures with Vasco. While barely 2 minutes long, “‘N Now I Feel Like” feels like it might end up being a fan-favorite. It is a soft and surprisingly quiet number that reminisces about the past. “It’s about growing up and still longing for the innocent feeling of youth”, the producer revealed in an interview. The track is a bittersweet piece of ear candy that will surely connect with many.

Follow-up song “Diamond Rings” features writing credits by the Danish princess of pop Medina (“You & I”), Vasco and Sarah Mariegaard (also known as Soleima). The track, not surprisingly, starts with the hook of a female singer fantasizing about diamonds rings and continues with her exploration about her wishing for and loving her diamonds rings. It may not be as profound as the previous track but that may have been the whole point of the song. Nonetheless, “Diamond Rings” sparkles in its production as bright as the desired object. It feels like the perfect summer bop to listen to.

“Everybody Needs Someone” was written by Vasco with MØ’s drummer Rasmus Littauer and Soleima. Soleima and Vasco also share a long history of working together so this collaboration feels very natural. “Everybody Needs Someone” is another listening tip of ours. It is almost as nostalgic as “‘N Now I Feel Like” but slightly more upbeat. The synths shimmer softly and the added guitars perfectly help transport the desired SoCal vibe.

“I Don’t Wanna Waste Love” sees the producer teaming up with ANYA. It is the most upbeat track of the EP and evoked comparisons to the early work of Australian producer Flume in us. It is also the track that features the most synths and the most experimental instrumentals.

Last but not least arrives “I Guess I Should Have Loved You” which features no smaller writing credits than ones by shooting star Hugo Helmig (“Please Don’t Lie”) with fellow writing partner Emil Falk. Vasco again co-wrote the track. Beware: this is the saddest and slowest track of the EP. “I guess I should have loved you / ‘cuz you could be my everything” the male singer proclaims over a wonderfully smooth production. It is the perfect love ballad, featuring strings, a guitar, and saxophones to make it even more romantic. “I Guess I Should Have Loved You” is heart-breaking(ly beautiful) and a great choice for a closing track as it will keep you wanting to repeat the EP over and over again.

All tracks were produced by Vasco himself.

At a length of only 16 minutes, “Tender Luv” may not be the longest EP but, you know what they say, quality beats quantity. And in this case, it is more than true. “Tender Luv” is the perfect (re-)introduction to the producer as it wonderfully captures his production style and transports it to another level.

Listen to Vasco’s debut EP right here:

“Tender Luv” is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice. It has been released through Big Beat Records today.

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