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‘No Broken Hearts’ by Bebe Rexha Reaches 100 Million Streams On Spotify

No Broken Hearts by Bebe Rexha has reached 100 million streams on the streaming service, Spotify. It’s definitely one of our favorite Bebe songs.

The pop single was released in early 2016 that features rap artist, Nicki Minaj. Bebe sings about forgetting about heartbreak and just dancing the night away in the club.

The music video alone has over 245 million views along with 1.7 million likes. Nicki also makes an appearance singing her verse. The visuals in the music video are outstanding with Bebe and Nicki in beautiful outfits.

The director of the video, Dave Myers, also directed music videos for artists such as Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, Janet Jackson, Maroon 5 and more.

Watch the music video below:

When Bebe worked with Nicki, she learned a lot. “Nicki taught me to be stronger as a woman and not feel so sorry about wanting things a certain way.” she said during an interview. Each of the artists she has worked with had a positive impact on her career an artist.

Stream No Broken Hearts on Spotify:

Last year, Bebe released her first studio album, Expectations, that has hits songs such as I’m A Mess, Meant To Be (with Florida Georgia Line) and others. Along with an album, she has other EPs including All Your Fault (parts 1 & 2) and singles also on Spotify.

We are hoping for new music from Bebe this year.

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