Zayn Malik Debuts Another New Haircut Days Before Mind of Mine

It’s almost time, March 25th is approaching and guess who’s more excited than Zayn himself? His fans! If you have noticed recently, Malik has been very active on his social media, even giving us some early listening to some of his upcoming songs on Mind of Mine. To top it all off, Zayn tweeted a snazzy selfie with his new hairdo.

This got us thinking, Zayn Malik is at his best right now. You can see it in his eyes and the vibe he gives out. Zayn is happy. Compared to this time last year, we can really see that he’s enjoying everything he has. He has been making himself happier, and in result – making his fans happy as well.

To see Malik loving his life and express himself musically lets us understand more of who he is as a person.

Remember last year when this was all we could talk about because many were dying over it?  Remember when we thought it couldn’t get better than this??

Well, it did – and it looks like Zayn’s happiness is the reason.  Honestly, he looks great in anything and we can’t help but fall in love more and more daily. We are happy and excited that Zayn is finally able to showcase his creativity to the world and alongside it – a smile.

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Written by CelebMix