Promotional photo for "Medicine" which sees Nxtime leaning against the front of what looks like a Range Rover with Ray Rubio on top of the bonnet wearing a red jacket, a white vest, white-blue jeans and black combat boots, he has one arm resting on a raised knee as he leans backwards. Nate Christensen is on the right, wearing a black leather jacket with black jeans and a black top, and Imhotep Williams is on the left wearing a white t-shirt under a bright green jacket and black jeans. All three are wearing dark shades.

Nxtime infuses neo-R&B with pop-rock in their brand-new single “Medicine”

More new music has been dropped by Nxtime and we are living for the mixture of neo-R&B and pop-rock in the new single, titled “Medicine”. This follows up their recent single “Go Easy”.

Nxtime are a four-piece group that was founded in 2019 and consists of Ray Rubio (singer, songwriter, and producer), Nate Christensen (guitarist and producer), Imhotep Williams (drummer), and their new member Liam Cashin (bassist). Their genre-defying music has allowed them to grow quickly, gaining a devoted fanbase. They are under the mentorship of Mike Rogers (who worked with Deee-Lite known for “Groove Is In The Heart”), and they’ve been working together for several years, building up the Nxtime brand. The hard work is clearly paying off with over 2 million Spotify streams across their 14 singles. They’ve recently performed at known venues The Bowery Electric and Chelsea Music Hall and have been known to busk in NYC Central Park – gathering quite the crowd. Their most-streamed song on Spotify is the collaboration with Dev Lemons, titled “keep in touch”, with over 657,600 streams, whilst their debut single “Future Love” which features Kayla Joe is just behind at 656,900 streams. Nxtime’s work ethic is clearly amazing and their trajectory into the music industry just goes to show how incredible they are, and they’re bound to have the best year yet.

Written by Mike Rogers and Ray Rubio, with the former producing the track, “Medicine” is a pop-rock song that totally has a neo-R&B and soul vibe underlining the track as Ray Rubio impresses with his vocals. It’s addictive to say the least, bringing groovy beats as the relaxed backing track shows off Nate Christensen, Imhotep Williams, and Liam Cashin perfectly. Emotion pours out of the vocals but in a chilled way, hitting the hearts of all the listeners. Lyrically, the track discusses love and heartbreak, in a relatable and touching way as we hear Ray Rubio describe how he thinks he would still need his ex’s love even if he didn’t have a brain, using the title track of the song “medicine” metaphorically. Not only is this a perfectly polished and touching track, it is also cleverly written, incredibly creative, and truly unforgettable.

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“Medicine” by Nxtime is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Camel Music.

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