ODESZA fulfills fans’ wishes with authorized live recording of “Loyal”

In case you didn’t know it was Coachella this past weekend, we’re here to remind you that the big two week, three-day concert that filled up our feeds has finished for another year. And, although it’s now rightly named #Beychella, there were other small tidbits happening around the Polo Fields that everyone participating in #Couchella was able to enjoy.

ODESZA hit the stage on Sunday performing all their hits including “Loyal” which debuted back in 2015. It’s the one song they’ve performed at every single one of their live sets but never formally released. Since then, people have been trading bootleg versions around the internet doing what they can. Well, no need to do that anymore. It may not be a formal recording but ODESZA did unveil [via the Coachella YouTube channel] the very first authorized live recording of “Loyal” which, without a doubt, brought their fans major happiness.

Check out their live performance here:


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Written by Ashley Bulayo

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