Oh Hell No! It’s a Jednado!

Picture this – sharks raining from the sky over London – who you gonna call? Well John and Edward of course! The Dynamic Duo from Dublin, fresh from their recent airport tour, have been haring up and down the Thames this morning in a speedboat, saving the nation’s capital from man-eating sharks…or so they say.

In town to promote Sharknado 3, in which they have a cameo part, as well as ‘Oh Hell No’, their tie-in song, the twins have been doing interviews with everyone from BBC1 to London Live. They will also be joining SyfyUK’s Sharknado 3 Scream Along at 10pm on Thursday night.

Sharknado 3 stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and Cassie Scerbo. It premieres on the US Syfy channel this Wednesday, 22 July, with the rest of the world the following night. ‘Oh Hell No’ comes out on 22 July.

Written by CelebMix