Olly Murs On Tour: From a Fan’s View

For the majority of our gig reviews, we’ve talked about both the good and the not so good (not very often) of the shows we’ve been to. This time, however, we wanted to share the review from another perspective.

When it comes to fans and their favorite artists, these events can make them feel something really deep in their hearts. They look forward to every single song and are always so enthusiastic.

We wanted to know how it was to attend one of Olly Murs’ shows as a fan, so we asked Hanariko Miyoshi, who traveled to England all the way from Hungary just to see the singer.

Read what she thought about Olly’s gig below!

Olly Murs is not just a man. He’s a singer, songwriter and a tireless hero. In case you didn’t know he has four number one albums, many great singles and he finished his spring tour this year. I could be the part of this tour for one show in London on 30th March, and I’m really grateful. It was amazing, but that’s not the best word to describe. It was incredible, but it ended too fast. I was sitting in the block 105, and it wasn’t the closest place to the stage, but when I entered the auditorium I realized: No matter where I sit, I’m here and I’m about to see him within an hour or two.

I already knew that the show will start with the countdown – call it the longest 24 seconds of my whole life. The crowd was getting louder and louder, saying: Five… four… three… two… one! And then Olly appeared in the middle of the stage and the whole arena went crazy. The setlist was perfect – He started with one of his biggest hits, “You Don’t Know Love”, which is an iconic and a special song to me. Special, because it was the first single he released after I came back to the MursArmy, and became a bigger fan than I’ve ever been.

The second song was “Wrapped Up”, which shook the people up and Olly definitely had us wrapped up around his finger. He always knows when he can be cheeky and when he needs to be serious and emotional. The third song, “Unpredictable” was a cheeky one, moreover, one of my favorites from the 24HRS album. “Grow Up” was the next – a favorite one again, but actually every single one of Murs’ songs is my favorite, haha!

After “Grow Up” it was time for a little seriousness with “Flaws”. Seriously, Olly sings that he’s got flaws, but he is perfect with his flaws. While I thought I’d cry, but I was just looking at him, and singing along with him. This song is amazing, even if it’s about a painful break-up.

Then he was singing “Up”, which was released as a collaboration with Demi Lovato – my other favorite singer and we got cheeky Olly again.To continue the gig and enhance the mood, what else can we ask than “When will you bring love back around?” Another great tune to make this night even more wonderful.

To continue the gig and enhance the mood, what else could fans have asked for other than “When will you bring love back around?” Another great tune to make this night even more wonderful.

Then, again a little break in the rush with “I need you now” from his second album. It’s a bit old, but not too old to sing it. It’s a timeless one, which is full of emotional and powerful words. Olly likes to jump to and from the upbeat and the slow songs, so the next one was “Heart Skips A Beat”, which is also an iconic and not incidentally a number one single.

The proper time for the most defining song, “24Hrs” was of course in the middle of the show. After dancing with the silence, we could enjoy another party song, “Deeper”. Such a good and refreshing summer jam.

With “Dear Darlin” we went a little nostalgic. A sad love song which really touches everyone’s heart. Incredibly, no matter what Olly was singing about, he always smashed it. Even if he was just sitting on the edge of the stage and not doing anything but singing.

The next ten minutes, as he said, was an extra special part of the show. He began to sing songs that were not his own. He covered every one of them perfectly! It was even more special because he came down from the stage and went through the crowd. Some lucky fans could even touch his hand!

After that, I thought it couldn’t get better, but it did. Try to imagine that scream when “You’re a Troublemaker” was heard from the speakers. He began singing and the entire crowd joined in to sing along.

“Dance With Me Tonight” was also on the setlist, and it was the first song I’d ever heard from Olly.The end of this song was really tricky because he went under the stage as if it was the end of the show. I knew it wasn’t, though! After a short silence and darkness, the big displays flashed up and he reappeared, singing “Kiss Me”.

As I said, the show went too fast. I just blinked, then he said “This one is “Years and Years” thank you”. The last song, really? How is it possible? But we were there, close to the end, so I had to take every second of every minute. One of the best moments was when he said, “It was X-Factor 2009”. He was so grateful and didn’t forget to say thank you to us. It’s fair to say that he is the best performer on stage, and the best person alive.

The dance moves are in his veins, and the microphone really fits in his hands, meanwhile, he is singing to us from his belly, from his soul. Moreover, he is generous, hard-working, kind, funny and cheeky. He loves people.

Being in the MursArmy does not only mean being a fan. It means being blessed. Blessed by this cheeky chap who would choose Essex instead of London, who would choose passionately playing football instead of fame, and who never forgets where he came from. No matter where you come from, if you are in the MursArmy you are at the right place, the right time.

He taught me how to be happy, stay positive, and to get through bad days. Only one inch of his smiling lips can brighten my day, and he is not just a man, he’s a GREAT man. You can say that I’m too obsessed, but I won’t let him go, no matter what. I wouldn’t be who I am now if he didn’t change my life. He is my hero, my angel, my idol.

Real heroes save life without superpower, so Thank You, Olly, for everything!

Seems like Olly Murs’ Spring Tour was better than expected.

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

I'm Alexandra from Hungary, now living in the UK, and writing is not just my hobby - it's my passion. I'm a writer/journalist addicted to music, travelling, football, movies & books, proudly supporting Derby County Football Club.
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