One Direction and a X Factor performance to remember

One more time The X Factor comes to an end and this time they had no other than One Direction as their guest for this year finale joined by Adele and Coldplay who also performed in the iconic stage.

One Direction and a X Fator performance to remember 4

Liam,Niall,Louis and Harry looked dashing all suited up, Niall and Louis with a dark and more plain suits, Liam with a peach color suit jacket and then we have Harry bringing the flower pattern suit back, this time with a red background and colorful flowers all around.

One Direction and a X Fator performance to remember 1
Can we please thank the boys stylist, amazing!

As we were expected, this time performance of the One Direction boys was marvelous as ever.

Being one of their last appearances before their well earned hiatus the boys outdid themselves singing not only ‘Infinity’ but also surprised us all with a second song ‘History’

Oh boy, if you didn’t get the chance to see it live, prepare yourself for some tears here and there, after the group sang Infinity, Simon Cowell thought it was a good time to thank the boys for all this years.

With a speech full of emotional remarks that rounded grades like ‘Thank you for all this years’ , ‘It was a pleasure working with you’ and of course ‘Enjoy your break but please come back’ Simon made sure to get us all mushy mushy and finally he had a surprise for the band.

No one was expecting this but Oh yeah, after said speech there was a surprise video full of celebrities thanking the boys for their work and talent.

David Beckham, Robbie Williams, James Corden, Danny DeVito, Five Seconds of Summer, were some of the people wishing the boys a good brake and asking them to come back soon.

We bet the boys were thrilled, we all know how much they love the Becks and James giving they are some of their very best friends and also big fans.

After said video it was time for ‘History’ the song that the boys themselves told the world is dedicated to their fans, with the chilled set up , nothing too fancy as usual the boys top it up a notch by showing on screen a lot of unseen pictures of all this year’s as a band.

One Direction and a X Fator performance to remember 2
One more grup hug, we hope is not the last one

Is it possible that Simon is a bit scared for this break, we’ve seen him giving interviews on this past days acting like this was the boys last performance, maybe it is their last one as part of Simon Cowell empire.  It is well known that there’s a big rumor that the One Direction boys will switch teams once they come back from their long vacation, who knows maybe this was a way from Simon to try and get them to stay, either way it was beautiful and funny as well.

One Direction and a X Fator performance to remember 3

We think is safe to say this was a great way to say goodbye to The X Factor for a while, no artist has sang two songs before as a guest on the show and for that we thank them, we all need a bit of One Direction in our lives and if we can get a little more, bring it on!

Written by CelebMix