Promotional photo for "Their Mistake" which sees Otherish sitting in a studio. They are four middle to old age men all smiling at the camera.
Photo by Charlie Romjin Barr

Otherish have drop the music video for their alternative indie-rock track “Their Mistake” taken from their sophomore album “Gone Wrong Rainbow Blues”

Transforming indie-rock into a more alternative style is Otherish, who have recently dropped the music video for the track “Their Mistake”, which comes from their sophomore album “Gone Wrong Rainbow Blues”. The album was officially dropped back in August, and follows up the single “Who Knows?”

Otherish are a four-piece Irish-English indie-rock band consisting of George Claridge, Paul Bradley, Mark Bradley, and Francis Kane. Brothers, Paul and Mark Bradley, have known Francis Kane since birth as Francis was born into the same home as the Bradleys, just days apart from Paul. In the ’80s, they each individually relocated to Bristol from Northern Ireland. They later met George Claridge, who is English but was born in Wales. They formed the Bristol-based band, Me, in the ’90s alongside Nick Scooper (who joined in ’93 and still has a presence on Otherish tracks even after his passing in 2018), and NME even went as far as stating that Me was the best band in Bristol, at the time. From those days of performing in empty halls to receiving critical acclaim for their sophomore album “Gone Wrong Rainbow Blues”, Otherish has proven that their experience of working together for multiple decades has allowed them to strike gold, build a fanbase, and gain listeners who will play their songs on repeat.

This track, “Their Mistake”, features double bass by Jim Barr and flugelhorn by Pete Judge, with the music video being dropped on a YouTube account known as Hume N Behan (also known as Hugh Manus Norbert Behan). It seems to be a lyric video where we watch someone write the lyrics of the song down on some paper, whilst watching a video of someone singing the track whilst using facial filters which include a clown filter and what looks to be a gorilla filter. The song’s lyrics flit on the toxicity of certain people in the world, and so pairing that with the alternative indie-rock aesthetic of Otherish, makes “Their Mistake” a track you totally need to listen to.

Talking about the track, George Claridge said: “I suppose the thing about ‘Their Mistake’ is, it’s trying to be a frolicsome tune engaging with a heavy notion, how we seem stuck in a feedback loop with those who manifest our collective shadow, who thus become ever more powerful and inevitably use that power to push us all ever deeper into the shadow, to the point of darkening our spirit completely. But (and hurrah!), if they were to accomplish this all-consuming obsession, lifeless matter is all they’d win and all they’d become.”

Watch the music video for “Their Mistake” by Otherish here:

“Their Mistake” by Otherish is available to download and stream right now, on all platforms, from their second studio album “Gone Wrong Rainbow Blues”.

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