Promotional image for "Changes" which sees Ozie Vox posing at the camera in a head shot, where he's wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, with his black hair slicked back.

Ozie Vox drops his tropical dance debut single titled “Changes”

Released today is the incredible debut single from rising star Ozie Vox, titled “Changes”. He has been making a name for himself on the EDM scene and this debut release is just the start of his exciting new path in this world.

Ozie Vox, real name Abner Oswaldo Sanchez, is a Los Angeles-based DJ and music producer with roots in Central America. His early exposure to music came from his religious background, where he was first introduced to “devil’s music” like AC/DC in church. This sparked a lifelong passion for music, leading him to become heavily involved in the LA Black Metal and Goth underground scenes in the early 2000s. Through these experiences, Ozie developed a strong understanding of live performance and transitioned into the nightclub world as a DJ. He quickly expanded his musical tastes to include EDM, Hip-Hop, Pop, and more. As a seasoned producer, Ozie is now focused on creating a unique sound that blends elements from all the scenes he’s been a part of and showcasing his talents to the world. With each release, fans can expect fresh, innovative, and outstanding music.

Written and produced by Abner Oswaldo Sanchez, “Changes” is a brilliant start to this project, with clear house and dance inspirations flowing throughout. Ozie Vox easily impresses with a dynamic rhythm that flows effortlessly from start to finish. The trance-like vibe drifts listeners off to somewhere tropical, adding that vibe to the calming and mainstream vocals and this song is perfect to fight away all those winter blues we are all feeling.

Stream “Changes” by Ozie Vox here:

“Changes” by Ozie Vox is available to download and stream right now, across all platforms.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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