Paige Restivo: Quality With a Personal Touch

In Greenvale, New York, there’s a new player in the jewelry industry. It’s a boutique that houses the brand Shop Paige NY, owned by Paige Restivo, the founder and CEO. From her humble beginnings as a sales rep not satisfied to sell medical devices for the rest of her life, her company’s growth has been marked by a strong connection to the customers and clients loyal to the brand that have bolstered its presence both online and off. 

The quality of a brand is attributed to many different things. For some brands, it is the quality of materials used. For others, it’s the experience of being a customer of that brand. As a customer of the brand Shop Paige NY, you get the ability to experience both. Restivo has made sure, since the beginning, to be inclusive in her company’s growth, giving generous promotions to her customers and making them a crucial part of her marketing strategy through word of mouth. Growing up with a father who owned a jewelry store, she learned how to satisfy a clientele at a one on one level. Her experiences selling in fashion, medical devices and real estate added to her expertise in marketing, giving her an even better understanding of how to establish a lasting relationship with a client. 

While starting her company with nothing more than $200 and only a few sales, Restivo was able to establish a loyal clientele that served her company even more than her paid advertisements and social media presence had done. Restivo used her rapport with her loyal customers to further her exposure. When she would make a sale, in her earlier days, she would always add a promotion and would encourage her customers to share their experience with friends and family. It was through this method of growth that her brand has been able to become such a personal brand, one not disconnected from reality in the heavily filtered and airbrushed posts with glamorous influencers on instagram. Following her progression from a part time side hustle to a couple million in sales, Restivo was able to open a permanent location in NY. Through this location, she has been able to reach her clients at a more personal level, still maintaining her business as a small operation. This approach has allowed her greater control of her brand and greater interaction with her clients.

Restivo’s approach to her business isn’t always the easiest way. Her desire to grow her business organically has kept her committed to only growing from sales without taking on debt or investments to keep her brand alive. Her process involves a deep commitment to the brand and the product that she encourages others following in her footsteps also adopt. Keeping constant sales goals and meeting them keeps the business going and encourages her to always be looking a step ahead at the next milestone. Ultimately, Restivo’s goal was to live her dream, making others feel good too, and she is doing just that.

You can view the many chic options that are offered by the Shop Paige brand, or contact Paige and her team at the SHOP PAIGE | New York website. Or you can follow the brand on instagram @shoppaigeofficial for new releases, deals, and more.

Written by Kyle Dior

Working with influencers, entrepreneurs and music artists around the world.