Pandora star Cassa Jackson redefines the love song with ‘Learning How To Love’

Chances are, you’ll recognise Cassa Jackson from her appearances on hit CW show, Pandora. She appeared on the show to perform her hit song ‘He’s No You’, one of three songs which were used in the season. But that’s not all… Stepping up to the mic for the second time in 2021, the pop sensation has just released ‘Learning How To Love’, and redefined the love song in the process.

‘Learning How To Love’ is the brand new track from rising newcomer Cassa Jackson, which redefines the very nature of the love song. Gone is the need for quick, fiery love that burns bright but doesn’t last; instead this is a song about the kind of love that evolves, changes and is built to last the distance.

Cassa is one half of a long term relationship, giving her exactly the kind of inside knowledge needed to make this a deeply personal and emotive track, drawing from her own experiences as a young woman growing up and working with her partner in order to stay together and stay happy through whatever life may be throwing at them.

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Written by Emma

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