Useless Love

Patty & The Oh’s Release Splendid “Useless Love”

Alternative rock outfit Patty & The Oh’s recently dropped their new single, “Useless Love,” an appetizer for their upcoming album, Out of Everything.

“Useless Love” follows on the heels of two previous singles, “Societal Collapse Doo Wop” and “New Flavor of Gum,” also lifted from the forthcoming album.

Made up of Patrick Weatherly (vocals, 12-string), Dune Butler (bass, guitars, stylophone), Charles Wicklander (Farfisa), and William Mapp (drums), Patty & The Oh’s sound blends the nostalgic ‘50s flavors of Ritchie Valens or Buddy Holly with the dynamics of ‘90s alt-rock.

Patty & The Oh’s unique sound is the end product of their irreplaceable, regional divergence, with Weatherly hailing from the Deep South, Alabama, and the other members being from Seattle.

Produced by Taylor Carroll, the song was recorded in Seattle.

“Useless Love” rolls out on a retro-flavored rhythm topped by jangly guitars pushing out gleaming colors as Weatherly’s playful voice imbues the lyrics with capricious, shaded timbres. In the solo section, a dark, potent guitar fills the tune with thick, heavy tones, followed by ramping up to layers of scintillating leitmotifs.

“What comes and goes / With the wind? / What stands it ground? / And what depends? / What comes back around? / And what comes to an end? / Useless love.”

Brimming with bright, upbeat energy juxtaposed against the rancorous lyrics, “Useless Love” delivers tantalizing sonic oomph.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.