Pentatonix Drops New Cover Shallow

Today at CelebMix, we are going to share the brand new release from three-time, Grammy award winning sensations Pentatonix as they cover Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s hit single from “A Star is Born” Shallow.

Pentatonix are known for their stylistic vision in their videos, and in this video in particular, it is in all black and white with each member dressed in black. Setting off the seriousness of the video, listeners are certain that the power in the singers will bring some true colour within the video and shine through, the music industry.

Beatboxer Kevin Olusola is back with his trusty cello as he creates the overall backing music to the track, this slightly strays away from the usual “full” A Capella experience, but it is a format familiar to their fans and is well received, with the skill and concentration seen clearly in the video.

Baritone Scott Hoying takes centre stage as he takes on Bradley Cooper’s solo, his voice is strong yet calming. His signature riffs and runs blow away the audience. Of course the listener is used to Hoying taking on the main vocals, but we can’t imagine a more ideal vocalist to take over Cooper’s strong and husky voice.

Kirstin Maldonado takes on Lady Gaga’s solo as she stuns the listener with her beautiful voice. It looks like her time on Broadway has not left her, as she brings strong emotion to the song. The listener can hear the raw pain and emotion running through, but this makes the song more realistic. Maldonado’s voice is truly the highlight of the song overall, she sings so powerfully and will make any listener shed a tear.

Tenor Mitch Grassi takes on the backing vocals along with bass Matt Sallee. The mixture of Grassi’s higher range and pitch to Sallee’s lower register perfectly sets up the moody atmosphere within the video and song itself. Before Maldonado belts out the final verse in beautiful fashion, the men of the group work together to set off a beautiful bridge, as Olusola’s beatboxing gets louder and more powerful, along with Grassi’s angelic voice, perfectly allowing Maldonado the platform to sing to the heavens by singing the final verse.

This song may be a cover, but it shows beautiful originality from the group. Although this group isn’t as big as Lady Gaga, we believe that they are well on their way to doing magnificent things and taking bigger jumps within the music industry!

Watch the video for Shallow below.

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Written by Kay Simpson

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