People Want Captain America To Get A Boyfriend

Many people have been using the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend on Twitter to call for more LGBT representation within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans of Marvel have took to Twitter to campaign for Captain America (Chris Evans) to get a boyfriend within the movies, the most popular choice seen on the tag is being with his life long friend, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).

People Want Captain America To Get A Boyfriend 1

We’ve all seen the heartfelt relationship between Steve and Bucky flourish throughout the three Captain America films and naturally, people want it to progress further. There’s no way to deny that Steve and Bucky have a real connection and have chemistry that is unlike any other pairing. Because people who are ‘just friends’ defend them against more than a hundred nations and go to the end of the earth to save “your pal, your buddy, your bucky”.

Despite allegations by others on Twitter, this movement isn’t just about getting their favourite characters to fondue, it’s about having major representation in modern and bold media.


People are pointing out the lengths these characters go

We often see story lines of gay or bi characters where they are pushed aside or killed off in a rude manner, which is why people are demanding stability.

Fans have also been looking between the lines which could lead to the storyline they want.


As the hashtag continues to trend, we must ask the question, would they do it? Having an openly LGBT character in such a major franchise, would be a major improvement to the heteronormative characters we see today.

But in the end, fans would take bisexual Captain America in a same sex relationship over him kissing his dead ex’s niece any day, not for the characters, but for the good of the people watching.

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Written by CelebMix