Personal Branding on Instagram: Why Is It Important, and Who Should Take This Opportunity?

You may be trying to become a celebrity on social media or merely expand brand awareness on Instagram. It turns out that personal Branding is one of the most emerging sciences these days, especially with the increasing spread of social networks like Instagram.

There are several services available that exist to make you more successful with your Instagram page. But of course, if it were easy, simple, and cheap, everyone would have super popular pages. Find out here all about Personal Branding on Instagram and how to use it the right way. 

You’ll find everything about it, from information on whether you can buy Instagram views to other related personal branding techniques and professional advice.

How can we exactly define what Personal Branding is?

There are personal branding services of all kinds: 

  • agencies and marketing specialists who analyze and optimize your profile and the publications you make on it, 
  • more pragmatic and less conventional means of improving your reach and number of views.

The term Personal Branding, or Personal Brand Management, has been increasingly mentioned as indispensable for the management of our careers or businesses in the current market, whether you are an entrepreneur, celebrity, politician, or executive. This is because market dynamics have changed. We now observe:

  • the focus for more humanized relationships in institutions, 
  • the increase in competitiveness and globalization due to online connections and remote work, 
  • the speed of changes caused by technological advances, 
  • the entry of a new generation with other aspirations and visions in the professional market, 
  • and social media as the main means of communication and expansion of the consumer’s voice.

These facts reflect the change in organizational structures and the way we deal with career/ professional life. Therefore, our lives’ direction must be based on our choices and not on the external changes, which are more and more frequent. As Tom Peters said, we need to be CEO of ourselves.

Contrary to what many people think, Personal Brand Management is not only about managing your social networks and suddenly start talking about you on your LinkedIn or Facebook. It is not related to you promoting yourself, and it is not a waste of time or mere futility. Personal Branding is a resource for you to become relevant in the market, differentiate yourself, and connect with your audience more humanely and authentically, in addition to growing your network of contacts in a valuable way.

How does Personal Branding work?

It is important to note that visibility and recognition do not happen immediately, as the likes and comments are on your fan page. Talking about results in your brand’s proper management, these are not related to vanity metrics such as the number of views or comments. Personal Branding is nothing but a perfect name for reputation. And you don’t build it in hours or minutes. It would be best if you first gained trust, credibility, and authority for weeks, months, and years. That means we are not talking about provocative photos or clickbait posts.

It is clear that with social media, this period for reaching recognition in a specific niche seems to have been shortened. We must take advantage of the digital tools available to have greater reach and visibility for our profiles. Still, it is necessary to remember that this is only the surface, the communication channel. It is essential to understand the points that are the pillars of your brand:

  • your goals, 
  • your identity, 
  • strengths and weaknesses, 
  • purpose, 
  • values, 
  • message, 
  • positioning, 
  • audience, etcetera.

Hints and first steps into Personal Branding techniques

The first and most valuable tip on developing useful Personal Branding techniques is self-reflection, self-criticism, and self-perception. As well? Simple: you should try to exercise your empathic and understanding eyes to the maximum. That is, you should try to visualize yourself the way others see you. Only in this way is it possible to see specific errors and problems that plague your work and which you may not even realize at times.

And it doesn’t matter if you are an anonymous person or a celebrity. Personal Branding is essential. Some people who were already famous had felt as a new start on their career when they decided to practice some unique branding techniques.

Some fundamental questions you should ask yourself, therefore, are:

  • Who am I, and what value do I have to offer to the world or the market where I work?

This question has everything to help you understand which position you currently occupy and which position you aim to occupy for some time. For example, there is no point in speaking and positioning yourself as a CEO if you are an analyst; however, you believe you know the level of many CEOs. This is possible, but there are strategies and correct ways to position yourself depending on who you are. Only by conducting this type of self-criticism will it be possible for a relevant portion of your audience to care about what you have to say.

  • What made me different and better than other professionals or people in my field?

It is important that you are aware of its value and how much it stands out – or does not stand out – in the market or in the universe in which it operates. You may be better than most at what you do, but is it better than everyone? Who are the professionals you have as a reference? Are they on social media? Is it worth trying to interact with them? Such questions are essential to outline a good personal branding strategy.

  • How do I want to be recognized by people who have contact with me?

Social networks and the internet today make it possible for people to get to know you in a few clicks, and you have the power and almost complete control over the image that will be transmitted from you to these people. Many people prefer to reserve themselves and leave the networks precisely because they are aware of the exposure that this brings, but the most intelligent ones take advantage of this to build the image they want for their audience.

  • How do I want to share or stop sharing certain knowledge with my audience?

Do you want to be a reference personality when it comes to sharing content and information relevant to your area? Are there more people who spread this kind of knowledge that you intend to spread? If so, how do they do it? Think hard about how you want to give the content you share on networks. You can give a more professorial tone to the materials while also having other more open content and raising doubts;

Should I buy Instagram followers?

This may or may not be a good idea: it all depends on your business and your goals. Many of these followers may be less active accounts, which will end up having no interest in your posts, which means that they may not be involved with your posts. But calm down. Not everything is like that many times. People interested in what you have to post will come across your content and interact with them.

Some pages offer fake followers, which are created or managed by users whose sole purpose is to be followed back or because follower sales services sponsor these accounts, as we talked about above. And while these accounts can offer engagement early on, they end up becoming an issue for your account metrics and try to identify these types of sites and stay away from them.

Try to keep the initial engagement

Having lots of followers can be a good way to convince users to follow you organically, and even more if you are going to buy views on Instagram. Just be careful: users may notice that your posts don’t have much interaction and don’t follow you. If you have 10,000 followers but only 4 likes per post, it will be easy to see that something is wrong. Without real followers to interact with your content, your posts will be hidden and appear only to your non-authentic audience. Besides, your fake followers will not share your posts on any channels.

Buying followers and views on Instagram and other social networks can still be exciting for many accounts, people, and companies. It happens because everything is effortless, fast, and cheap (it is possible to acquire thousands of followers or views for a low price). The person chooses the package they want (for example, 10,000 views on Instagram), makes the payment by card or any other method, and that’s it. In a few days, the result of the purchase can be verified on the company page.

So that’s it, while it is a controversial practice, buying views on a video on Instagram makes more people see the video and get to know a particular profile, which consequently increases the number of likes. And the more you watch the video, the greater the chance that it will be found by someone looking for the related hashtag. It’s a cycle. In other words, within the universe of thousands of videos made available every day on Instagram, when a person searches for the hashtag of the video in question, it will most likely be the first to be found.

Why should I care about the number of views?

Going further, the more popular the video is on Instagram, the greater the chance that it will also be found through Google’s search engines. 

  • Buying video views on Instagram is much more than buying a simple number. This service makes you have more followers.
  • One of the main advantages of buying Instagram views is to make more people see and comment on the posts, making the profile growth more organic.

In other words, the ability to be prestigious within a group of people creates new opportunities, such as sponsorships or better sales.

Some more must-see tips for personal branding on Instagram

Publish stories frequently so that your page or Instagram profile becomes increasingly relevant and so that the followers you have purchased have something to watch, comment on, and share on your page.

Suppose you are looking to buy views on Instagram to improve your profile and reputation on the internet, great! But if you want results like shopping or accessing a hot promotion site, this may not be the best tool available on the market.

You must buy previews at certain intervals to keep your page growing. Otherwise, it risks having its fan base stagnant. Besides, there are many successful profiles on Instagram practice the technique of buying followers from companies that provide this service over the internet. So, the next time you find that your favorite Instagrammer is widespread, think about the number of views and followers he has purchased.

Examples of successful personal branding cases

Marie Forleo

Her personal brand is an example of a fun, charismatic, and sensible business coach willing to teach everything she knows through online courses, webinars, and consultancy 1 to 1.

It is interesting to see how Marie monetizes her personal brand, mainly with access to a community of payment and grace for the sale of online courses.

Marie Forleo has a very distinct visual brand through her website, blog posts, videos, and all of her online personal marketing presence. Her website is a great example of a personal brand in action, which conveys her personality and distinctive experiences in what she is experimenting with.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the personal brand and example of marketing. He is an author, writer, teacher, and teacher. He has built his personal brand with his time and based on his knowledge.

He has been recognized as an example of a personal brand that positions itself as an authority in its sector and the niche of the market.

Elon Musk

Another excellent example of a personal brand worldwide is Elon Musk, a great investor, inventor, and naive. He has successfully promoted his brand by following great projects that are very ambitious and have changed the world view.

The business of Elon Musk that has catapulted his fame to his brand is Tesla, but there are also others like SpaceX, OpenAI, Paypal, and others.

Written by Monella