Personal Trainer Parker Egerton’s Secret to Attracting 8,000 Clients to His Online Fitness Program

Successful personal trainer Parker Egerton is one of many trainers in the industry who effectively migrated his services online to continue serving the needs of his clients, most especially when the pandemic forced people to stay at home. Since the establishment of his company Parker Physique, he has successfully catered to the fitness needs of over 8,000 clients, making him one of the top online trainers today. His business secret is something very common but often neglected by business owners – giving customized services a personal touch. 

Parker makes it a point to know each unique need of his clients. Unlike most of his competitors who have a team who attend to their clients’ needs, Parker opts to give each client the attention they need in order to come up with a custom program that suits their needs, body type, lifestyle, and unique goals. Being hands-on makes the Parker Physique service distinct and highly desirable. 

“Each and every program is customized for the individual clients, and I breakdown macronutrients for them. I help teach my clients portion sizes, when to eat their meals, how long to take between meals, what snacks are okay versus which ones to stay away from. I also customize their workout program individually. Between injuries, years of bad form, and poor form needing correction, not one client is the same,” Parker explains. 

Parker has always had a gift when it comes to connecting with people. While he was working as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym, he was able to grow his network significantly. His promotion to Assistant Fitness Director allowed him to further establish good relationships with his clients, and the number just kept on growing. He later realized that he could earn so much more if he went freelance. Confident that he could still draw clients to his personal training sessions, he started doing freelance training at a gym known as Houze of Champions in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In no time at all, Parker was able to build a website to launch Parker Physique. 

His humble beginnings and undeniable success are a favorite topic among several fitness magazines. Parker has been featured in the October 2016 issue of Iron Man Magazine released in America, Turkey, Italy, and the rest of the world. He also appeared on the cover of Inside Fitness Magazine. Additionally, his inspiring story has also been featured by Inside Fitness Magazine, TRAIN Magazine, and Muscle and Fitness Magazine. 

Parker also appeared in several small screen projects such as Investigation Discovery: To Catch a Predator, Ice Cold Killers, Happily Never After, I Married a Mobster and The Perfect Murder. He also did work with the 2017 film American Assassin. Additionally, Parker has appeared in several commercials for well-known brands, including Colgate, Hilton Hotels, Old Dominion University, East Coast Appliances, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, to mention a few. 

Significant growth is something that Parker aspires for his business in the coming years. As the demand for personal trainers has been increasing over the years, he sees Parker Physique remaining at the forefront and contributing greatly in helping people live healthier lives.

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Written by CelebMix