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Philine Sonny Releases Debut EP – ‘Lose Yourself’

Singer-songwriter Philine Sonny introduces her mesmerizing debut EP, Lose Yourself, along with the music video “People.”

The video for” People” was shot throughout the U.S. and is a homage to, and highlights, the homelessness problem confronting the entire world over the last few decades.

Philine broke through with the release of her dazzling debut single, “Lose Yourself,” a song conveying the sense of insecurity, hopes, and fears of the modern age. It’s a song about the slow oozing darkness of depression and how it comes to consume one’s entire life. “Lose Yourself” appeared on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, amassing more than 160,000 streams, along with features in Wonderland Magazine, C Heads, and Dummy Magazine.

She followed with the affecting “Same Light,” accompanied by an impressive video, revealed by NOTION Magazine. “Same Light” collected over half a million streams on Spotify alone. Philine’s third single, “Oh Brother,” was an acoustic dedication to her brother and their childhood together; a snapshot taken shortly before the threshold of adulthood. Stylistically, the singer showed her quiet, folky side for the first time.

Philine was nine years old when she first sat playing the drums. Now, eleven years later, she’s displaying her gift for melody and insightful lyricism.

Encompassing seven tracks, the EP begins with the title track, opening on delicious waves of dream-pop merged with hints of alt-rock. As the music gathers depth and resonance, Philine’s marvelous sad-girl voice imbues the lyrics with gorgeous timbres.

Entry points include “Same Light,” riding a low-slung, tasty piano flowing into a luscious melody brimming with sparkling textures. “People” travels on light, flickering guitars backed by a vibrating bassline. On this track, Philine’s voice is sumptuous and nuanced with residual, beautiful savors. A notable guitar solo infuses the harmonics with crying coloration.

Lose Yourself is wonderfully evocative, accentuating the lingering, haunting voice of Philine Sonny, at once passionate and superb.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.