Expensive Sounds For Nice People
Photo: Trevor Brady

Platinum Producer Felix Cartal Releases Dazzling ‘Expensive Sounds For Nice People’

Platinum house music producer Felix Cartal just released his fourth studio album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People, via Physical Presents, featuring Kiiara, Sophie Simmons, Lights, and Karen Harding, along with others.

Talking about the album’s gestation period, nearly three years, Felix shares, “My fourth album ‘Expensive Sounds For Nice People’ is part of the second musical chapter in my life. My first two albums were the first chapter of my musical career: a scrappier, undeveloped, experimental phase where a lot of the ideas didn’t quite get executed how I would want from lack of skill or know-how. I’m still fond of that time and those releases but was ultimately frustrated that I couldn’t make what I wanted come to life exactly how I heard it in my head. The other big problem from that era was consistency, and basically, that’s what I’ve become obsessed with. Growing up arguably through one of the worst eras of one-hit-wonders in musical history, I remember constantly being disappointed when I bought an album and there was only one good song. I hated that. And I think remembering that has guided me into this second chapter of my life. Where I’ve just tried to grind it out daily at the studio and work on my skills, trying to become more consistent. I’m more into the ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ chef approach nowadays, where I just try to log hours every day to refine my craft. Not too concerned with the result from that specific day but knowing that if I stack those hours, I will in fact improve. I want every song to be 100% something I’m proud of, or it’s not coming out.”

Based in Vancouver, Felix Cartal’s collaborations include Kaskade, R3HAB, and Gallant, along with official remixes for Selena Gomez, Zedd, Galantis, Dillon Francis, MØ, Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Anne-Marie & Doja Cat, as well as Daya & Shallou’s “Older.” Amassing more than 360 streams, Felix Cartal is one of a handful of internationally known producers, consistently turning out Platinum hits like “Love Me” with LIGHTS, “Mine” with Sophie Simmons, and “Get What You Give.”

Encompassing 16-tracks, the album begins with “The Life,” featuring Fjord, opening on luscious washes of dance music embellished by sparkling, upbeat vocals. Highlights include the crystalline, sensuous tones of Veronica on “Over It,” a shimmering-lite tune atop a driving rhythm.

A personal favorite, “Harmony” conjures up tints of disco suggestive of Saturday Night Fever, rippling with dazzling energy and swanky vocals. Teaming up with Sophie Simmons on “Mine,” the pair push out gorgeous waves of sumptuous music and deluxe timbres.

The best part of “500 Days” is the posh voice of Matilda, with its delectable breathy inflections. Rife with cashmere house coloration, “My Last Song” displays the luxurious voice of Hanne Mjoen, imbuing the lyrics with sighing hues.

Another enthralling song is “Happy Hour” with Kiiara using her exquisite voice to inject the lyrics with velvety surfaces and buoyant flavors. Whereas on “Jealous,” Melina Borglowe invests the song with scrumptious, glassy tones, at once enveloping and glamorous.

The album closes out with “Too Late,” featuring the light, silky voice of KROY, whose timbres glow with actinic pigments.

Expensive Sounds For Nice People is a grand album, delivering tantalizing music capped by redolent, alluring voices – the best of the best.

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Written by Randy

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