Platnum finally gets their Twitter account verified

The day we have all been waiting for has come. Platnum has finally been verified on Twitter.

The Manchester duo, consisting of Michelle McKenna and Aaron Evers, had a couple of chart hits back in 2008, a few uncharted singles, an amazing collaboration with Tulisa Contostavlos and are now ready to drop some amazing new songs.

Continuing on as a duo, after Mina Poli left the group to pursue a solo career; the duo has gone from strength to strength.

Platnum has most recently been working with producer White N3rd, as well as singer-songwriter Craig David. They’ve toured clubs up and down the country on their It’s About Time tour, as well as dropping new single “Just For Me”.

This blue tick is a big step in the right direction for this bassline duo, and with new music around the corner, Platnum is prepared to put in the effort to make an impact in the music world.

We take a look back on Platnum’s previous releases

1. What’s It Gonna Be

The song everyone knows, the one that got beaten to number one by Duffy’s “Mercy”. Platnum return to their school days in the music video. Providing the vocals to this H “two” O track, this was the song we were all singing back in the day.

2. Love Shy (Thinking About You)

A great follow-up single that definitely hit the charts hard, but stalled at number 12. Pretty similar to the previous single, this cover version of Kristine Blond’s “Love Shy” is new and improved with an updated club transformation.

3. Trippin’

This was the one that was highly teased, yet when the record label dropped it, there wasn’t much thought behind the release. No official single cover artwork, no music video, very little promotion around the time of the release, this amazing song went totally unnoticed and is totally underrated.

4. Emotionally Tired

This was really their last chance at clinging to the success of their first single release, however their label at the time, Hard2Beat records, were having difficulty, and “Emotionally Tired” didn’t get a full release. This was the decline of Platnum in success, but not on sound or vocals.

5. Signals

The decline of Hard2Beat records which then turned into Dance Nation records, which is now defunct, lead the group onto a whole new record label. They became signed to All Around The World productions.

All Around The World productions are still an established music industry label, they have had hits with artists Cascada, Agnes, Kelly Llorenna, Ultrabeat, Scooter, Tulisa and Dappy. Surely Platnum were in the right place, however with little promotion, “Signals” never got the momentum this track clearly deserves, it just wasn’t meant to be.

With amazing vocals, a killer beat, and awesome lyrics; this is the Platnum song you need during any party. Totally underrated.

6. Solar System

A whole new record label, with a promised album, Platnum announced they had signed with All In Recordings. Solar System was the banging tune that no one heard apart from the fans, the one song that shows their progression through music.

By this time garage and bassline had changed, and Platnum changed with it. A new sound, amazing lyrics and killer vocals. This track deserved to have been heard.

7. Do It Different

Second single from the forthcoming album, upbeat with a fast pace, this track brought us the new and improved sound of Platnum. Regardless of the fact that this track was something no other artist was doing at the time, it didn’t push them into any more success. The album got turned into a mixtape and this track was forgotten.

8. Love You Tomorrow

Platnum reinvented themselves once again, with this much slower dance track that is definitely a favourite of ours. The music video also featured Lucien Laviscount, which we’re sure Michelle McKenna was more than happy to be intimate with on-set. This brought some popularity back to the group, proving they still had what it takes to become successful, and although the song went uncharted, it was promoted well.

Platnum gained many more fans after this track, and although the video hasn’t gained as many views as their previous hits, it launched them back into the public eye.

9. Same Time (feat. Tulisa)

If there’s one single Platnum song you need to hear, it’s this one. Released as a free download, this collaboration with Tulisa Contostavlos, is the perfect song to get any party started.

Platnum were back once again with this track released in 2014. This song is one of our favourites at CelebMix. If only it had been given a full release, with remixes, this single could have been so much more. It only has a few thousand views on YouTube and the download links are now unavailable, which makes this song feel like a long lost secret that needs to be exposed to the world.

10. Just For Me

Platnum are truly back now, and are currently on form. From studio sessions, to club tours, to performing at festivals. Platnum are prepared to do what it takes, they are focused on their music, they are determined to get their name out there and they are prepared to put in all their effort to make this work. They’ve hit the charts hard once before, so they can definitely do it again.

This new single is the start of their new direction, with technically soulful vocals from Aaron Evers, which accompanies the raging beat behind, ending with Michelle McKenna’s slow rap. “Just For Me” is the start of a new era for Platnum, and we can’t wait to see what they are going to release next.

Do you love Platnum as much as we do? What’s your favourite track from this group? How excited are you about the prospect of new music from Platnum? Tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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