A collage of images with a press photo of Powered Djs on the left with a press photo of Skuado on the right, and an image of the "One Of Us" single cover artwork, floating in the middle between the heads of the two producers. Powered Djs is wearing a blue Nike jacket, whilst Skuado is wearing a white shirt with blue braces. The single cover artwork is a royal blue with a neon-blue cartoon drawing of hands praying, with the title and the artists' names above in the same neon blue.

Powered Djs collaborate with Skuado & Liya to transform the 1995 pop country song “One Of Us” by Joan Osborne into a slap-house dance track

We absolutely love remixes and reinventions, here at CelebMix, and this awesome version from Powered Djs and Skuado takes the addicting pop-country hit “One Of Us” by Joan Osborne, and transforms it into a slap-house dance track, with incredible vocals from Liya, that we just can’t get enough of. This follows up Powered Djs’ collaboration with musicbynito on the single “Never Say” and follows up Skuado’s collaboration with WhiteCapMusic & Jon Becker on the single “Wonderful Life”.

Powered Djs, real name Claudio Junior Sousa Leite, is a 29-year-old artist based in Brazil, born in Cornélio Procópio, state of Paraná. At the age of 16, he started producing music. It has led to him releasing music on a variety of labels, over the years, such as Universal Music, FRQNCY, Deep Bear Recordings, and Future House Cloud. On top of that, he has been supported by artists like Showtek, musicbyLukas, Yves V, Chester Young, Brooks and many others. He has passion and drive for his music and the music industry as a whole and, in doing so, showcases his brilliant work ethic which will lead him down a path of success.

Skuado, real name Philipp Melcher, is a 24-year-old German slap-house producer, who started his career in 2020, weeks before the COVID pandemic started. Due to his love for EDM, he decided to teach himself how to make his own songs. Having had no musical background or knowledge he worked hard to learn all that he could whilst really enjoying doing so. The energy he gained while playing motivated him to really move forward. The COVID pandemic gave him the opportunity to find out what kind of music he most enjoyed producing. With releases on labels such as Loudkult, Future House Cloud and SSL Music, this German talent is certainly one to watch closely.

Written by Eric Bazilian, whilst produced by Powered Djs and Skuado, with vocals coming from Liya, “One Of Us” really drops the beat, bringing a dancefloor-filler vibe to this original pop-country track. The worldwide hit of 1995 has a relaxed ’90s vibe going through it, with alternative rock and pop wrapped around a country track. Powered Djs and Skuado take that, strip it of everything and rebuild it, giving it a dance beat, an unforgettable house rhythm, and a superstar vocal from Liya. They’ve completely made it their own and it’s pretty unrecognisable in the best way, giving it a much-deserved refresh. It’s a stand-out track that is bound to make an impact on every listener – and that drop hits differently with a continuing trance melody that is sure to pack a dancefloor.

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“One Of Us”, by Powered Djs, Skuado & Liya, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Slappy Recs. by Future House Cloud.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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