Alexis Keegan
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PREMIERE | Alexis Keegan Unveils Music Video for ‘Gospel’

Get ready for an audio-visual treat. R&B/pop diva Alexis Keegan premieres her music video for “Gospel” on CelebMix.

While growing up in New Jersey, when Keegan learned her father had cancer, her reaction was simple and beautiful. She recorded “Butterfly,” by Mariah Carey. In high school, Keegan became the only white singer in the school’s MLK Gospel Choir. Despite her lack of experience – she’d never been in a choir – Keegan was chosen to be lead vocalist.

Later, Keegan attended LaSalle University in Phillly, while simultaneously working on music with Robert “Kool” Bell of Kool & The Gang. On Thursdays, Keegan traveled to NYC, where she laid down tracks with Young Mel and Natural Born Hustlaz. After working through the night, she was back in class Friday morning.

Because of her supercharged voice, akin to a large-scale gamma emitter, Keegan was in demand. She toured with Ron Pope, Howie Day, DeWyze, Kate Voegele, O-Town, and Tyler Hilton. Somewhere in there, she found time to drop Clean Slate and Endless Road, two EPs bolstering her diva status.

“Gospel” rides a potent, retro-flavored R&B rhythm with its own gravitational pull. The intro smolders with Motown heat and, when Keegan’s radioactive voice enters, the song mousses up to ferocious levels of sonic magnetism, a magnetism rife with gospel surfaces.

Backed by radiant, buttery harmonies glowing with lush choir-like colors, Keegan’s gutsy tones ripple with scalding seductive flavors and raw energy so buff it hurts. It’s a voice flexing with muscular timbres and tones seething with torrid scorching flair. Pulverizing and petrifying on one level, Keegan’s voice is sumptuously elegant and apotheotic on another level. In other words, Keegan’s vocal instrument is a miraculous concatenation of awesome color, resonance, and pressure.

The video, directed by Michael Moore, surges with visible energy, as Keegan struts her voice accompanied by formidably immediate dance moves and the pervasive, contagious atmosphere of a Four Square religious assembly.

With “Gospel,” Alexis Keegan exhibits her off the chain talent. If “Gospel” doesn’t get your hips to twitching, then you must be musically anhedonic.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.