Brooke Candy’s new single will make you go ‘Nuts’

‘Nuts’ is the latest piece of music from Brooke Candy, with lil aaron jumping on the track to add to this already great single

The new single follows up two other excellent singles released by Brooke Candy this year, ‘War’ and ‘My Sex’. With the latter single featuring Pussy Riot, MNDR and Mykki Blanco. This time around, Candy has recruited rapper lil aaron to jump on ‘Nuts’ and offer a verse or two.

The single has been known for quite some time between fans with Candy frequently performing it live however it has now seen an official release. Alongside the release of ‘Nuts’, Brook Candy has promised that new music is on the way. In an Instagram post promoting the new single, the caption reads:

Gonna get all the yummy stuff I’ve got cookin out of the damn kitchen 2 ya’ll very soon

Brooke Candy turned heads back in 2012 when she featured in the music video for ‘Genesis’ by Grimes. Candy quickly followed this up by releasing her own material, eventually landing a record deal with RCA. After a handful of singles, Candy parted ways with the label and her debut album was deemed to be ‘scrapped’.

Back to 2018 and Brooke Candy is doing it her way, with ‘Nuts’ going back to Candy’s original sound and how she wanted to be preceived in the music industry. She’s proving that you don’t need backing from a corporate record label to become a music artist. With a worldwide fan base committed to her craft, we’re certain Candy is going to have a successful career in the long run.

Brooke Candy’s latest single, ‘Nuts’ is available to stream now

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