PREMIERE | doubleVee Drop Vibrant ‘Songs for Birds and Bats’

Experimental pop duo doubleVee premiere their new EP, Songs for Birds and Bats on CelebMix. The EP is a scrumptious collection of waggish pop songs flavored with avant-garde panache.

Formed in 2012, doubleVee comprises of Barb Vest (BV) and Allan Vest (AV). Prior to doubleVee, Allan played with Starlight Mints, which dropped four albums, including their renowned debut album, The Dream That Stuff was Made Of. The Starlight Mints shared the stage with artists like The White Stripes, Violent Femmes, Liz Phair, Flaming Lips, and a host of others. Allan’s music is pervasive, being featured in multiple films and television shows.

Barb spent 16-years in public radio, where she wrote, hosted and produced Filmscapes, a nationally syndicated program that allowed her to interview artists such as Danny Elfman and Philip Glass. In addition, she edited a music webzine, produced eight Rock n’ Roll Garage Sale and Shows, and appeared in Mix Tape Club shows, along with performing background vocals in the studio for a variety of bands.

Married since 2015, doubleVee released their debut album, The Moonlit Fables of Jack the Rider, in 2017.

Songs for Birds and Bats encompasses five-tracks, beginning with “Map The Channels,” a tasty electro-pop tune flavored with tints of dream-pop. Vibrant synths infuse the tune with ebullient iridescent colors, as a tight and yummy guitar tosses in gleaming accents. Radiant vocal harmonies give the music a breezy feel.

“Ladder For The People” opens on surging alt-pop hues, imbuing the tune with beau coup punch. New wave filaments flow through the harmonics, as sparkling keyboards inject glossy washes of color. The track is vaguely reminiscent of The B-52’s because of its heft and charm.

“Goldstar Redux” travels on a new wave-infused alt-pop melody, crunching and rife with swirling synths and oozing harmonies. “Landlord of the Flies” features droning, oscillating synths, as well as a potent groove. Layers of vocals give the tune dreamy surface textures.

“Last Castaways” opens on a shimmering guitar, followed by deliciously mellow vocals bathed in streaming quixotic strings. This is my favorite track because of its gentle undulations of gliding colors.

On Songs for Birds and Bats, doubleVee demonstrate their gift for innovative, exuberant pop music full of contagious rhythms.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.