MARINA stuns fans once more with ‘To Be Human’ music video

The politically-fuelled music video follows the release of the first side of MARINA’S double fourth album, ‘Love’ with ‘Fear’ expected to be released later this month to form ‘LOVE + FEAR’

MARINA, who you may know by now used to go by ‘and The Diamonds’, has been treating fans with her new ‘LOVE + FEAR’ era. In early February 2019, she returned with the single, ‘Handmade Heaven’ following high anticipation from a four year hiatus. A music video for the lead single quickly followed along with an album announcement.

That album, as we now know it, is titled ‘LOVE + FEAR’, a double sided album expected for release on 26th April. We say expected because MARINA surprised fans with an early release of three weeks to the first side – ‘LOVE’. It features all previous singles, ‘Handmade Heaven’, ‘Superstar’, ‘Orange Trees’ and her feature on Clean Bandit’s single, ‘Baby’. It also includes four new tracks: ‘Enjoy Your Life’, ‘True’, ‘To Be Human’ and ‘End of The Earth’.

The reasoning behind this was truly MARINA’s creative intention when making ‘LOVE + FEAR’. She has described the double album as ‘Two 8 track collections that form a set’. With four singles to ‘LOVE’ already released, MARINA decided to release the first half three weeks early so fans can indulge on the first set before we discover ‘FEAR’ which has eight all-new tracks yet to be heard.

Visuals have also played a major part in this era for MARINA, with ‘To Be Human’ receiving the music video treatment. The politically reflective track is MARINA’s favourite from Love and has also become a fan favourite rather quickly. An album trailer for ‘LOVE + FEAR’ album was also released earlier this year.

Within the music video, we see a montage of political moments, past and present, such as the Black Lives Matter protests, historical wartime clips amongst other cultural moments throughout time. MARINA has spoken about the track stating,

“Thematically, ‘To Be Human’ sums up the head space that I’ve come from in the past three years” says the singer. “The subject matter is really important. I talk about unity, name checking a lot of places around the world to create this picture of humanity because in our current political climate we are constantly being made to see different people as ‘other’ and I hate that.”

You can watch the ‘To Be Human’ music video below:

MARINA’s fourth album, ‘LOVE + FEAR’ is expected to see a full-length release on 26th April 2019. For now, you can listen to ‘LOVE’ below:

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