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PREMIERE: Ella Knox Starts a ‘Revolution’ On Her Brand New Track

New Hampshire-native indie pop star Ella Knox is finally fully liberated and she could not be happier to share that message with the world. So she decided to tell her powerful story of her new-found freedom in the only way she deemed reasonable: in the form of a brand new song, that took just over two years of hard work to get to the place it is now.

‘Revolution’ is the name of the beauty that we are going to talk about today. It finds its worldwide release today and we at CelebMix would love for you to get a first glimpse into Ella’s narration with us.

Ella Knox’s new song is a pop-rock song, just a bit longer than 3 minutes. It features Ella singing in her unique, trademark-voice about her dealing with her innermost demons and her struggle to overcome them. Talking about the track, Ella explained in an exclusive interview with us that she “started writing Revolution acapella in the car one day after a really difficult time in my life. It just kind of came to me in my thoughts and frustrations. I felt so defeated at that time, but something in me wasn’t willing to give up”. The new record is obviously quite the emotional whirlwind, in case you have not guessed yet, but it is a good one. It will leave you empowered, ready to start something, ready to go into the battles of the daily life.

Starting off with simple piano chords that are featured prominently in the background throughout the song, Ella dives right in with the listener from the start. “You don’t know what I was facing”, she begins, hereby leading in, baring her soul to her fans about the broken dreams and the sticks and stones in her path. Once the chorus hits, the tempo switches some gears. Guitars and some bass lines are introduced when Ella bursts out that “that girl is gone now” and that she is ready to start her revolution (“click click boom”). From there on, ‘Revolution’ truly manifests itself while Ella deals with the part where she is liberated and ready to shine.

For Ella Knox, ‘Revolution’ is the song that changed it all. “Revolution was the song that made me get braver with my artistry and my writing and simultaneously knocked me out after I wrote it“, she continued discussing the process of her creating the track. “But it taught me to say how I feel even if things aren’t going perfectly in life and you aren’t feeling like your best self.”

‘Revolution’ quite perfectly transports this emotion as it is not only a very, very catchy track but also an all-in-all powerful pop-rock song. While it may seem quite a lot to take in at the beginning, the record really is worth listening to since it reminds us to stay strong, to be a fighter, that sometimes life can be tough but if we trust in ourselves, we can overcome our fears. And we can succeed. The thing we admire most about Ella Knox’s new song is that it truly shines in its simplicity: by creating a simple yet effective main bass line and a deep chorus, Ella has managed to capture our attention right from the start.

Ella Knox finished the interview by saying that she “genuinely hope it gives people the will to face their own trials and tribulations without fear.” We don’t want to lean ourselves out the window too hard but we feel like it will.

If you want to, you can listen to the track by yourselves right here:


It is available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer of your choice starting today.

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