Premiere: Ella Rosa Shares New Single “Good Times” Featuring My Favorite Color

British-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Ella Rosa shared a brand new single titled “Good Times” featuring My Favorite Color, an exceptional song that demonstrates the artist’s talent in full, at the same time keeping the listener engaged all throughout. The new single will be on Ella’s upcoming EP, “Eff Off… I’m Fine,” out on 4/29.

Rosa’s new single “Good Times” is a clear reflection of her genre blending approach to music, as she is heard effortlessly juggling between soul, R&B, pop and electro in a smooth way. Upbeat and catchy,

“Good Times” also displays her powerful songwriting and vocal performance as she alternates between singing and a semi-rapping form of flow that beautifully synchronizes in the final mix. This flawless production is set to even further the rise of this skilled creator.

Ella Rosa explains “Good Times is reminiscent of the cherished moments in my younger years.When life gets heavy and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel this song should be the reminder that this too shall pass. I think we all need one of these now and then. I worked on this song in New York with my friends Viirgos and added a rap verse from My Favorite Color to get a different perspective on the topic. I wanted this to be a windows-down-driving-by-the-beach type song that people can scream sing to.”

Make sure to check out music video for “Good Times” below:

About Ella Rosa (Spotify)

Born and raised in Henley-On-Thames, Ella Rosa made her first upload to Spotify when she was 16-years old. After moving to Manhattan at the age of 11, she developed a knack for music by studying opera and listening to the likes of Erykah Badu, The Police, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and more. Soon she started writing and releasing her own music based on these influences. ? Her first single, “Myself”, earned industry recognition from entertainment leaders such as ‘Complex’, ‘Wonderland Magazine’, ‘EARMILK’ , ‘FLAUNT’, and ‘Grimy Goods’, just to name a few. These names appeared again as the artist released other singles from her YELLOW BLAZER EP. Ella Rosa issued her third single, “Too Cool” in 2020 which garnered Spotify playlist support, followed by “24 Hours” and then “Selfish”. ? Ella’s experiences are conveyed through soulful vocals, underlined with jazz undertones, an apt metaphor for a resilient and upbeat approach to life as an emerging artist.

Written by Magdalena

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