PREMIERE: Grapefruit Sound Lab & Amuka – “Don’t Fall For It”

New York native Grapefruit Sound Lab (real name Rob Cotnoir) and diva vocalist Amuka have come together to release their new collaborative effort, “Don’t Fall For It”, which CelebMix are premiering.

The epic house track is 7 minutes long of pure euphoria, and is essential music for your next big night out. The single was recorded at the world famous United Sound Systems recording studio in Detroit.

Lyrically the song consists of a universal message – breaking free from a con man and embracing love and respect for one another and one’s self.

Speaking of the track, Rob said: “Don’t Fall For It is a rallying cry for weathering the con artists in our midst.

“Don’t Fall For It is an anthem, an instant classic, and brings much-needed smiles to many faces during troubling times indeed.”

Following on from his success as one of the top motion picture music editors in Hollywood, Rob Cotnoir has since become the mastermind of Grapefruit Sound Lab, deriving from a broad range of influences including freestyle, electro and even classic rock.

Meanwhile, Amuka (real name Sheila Brody) got her big break after being discovered by George Clinton. She subsequently became a member of the Brides of Funkenstein, a P-funk spin-off act.

She has since achieved five top ten hits on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, including the 2006 #1 “I Want More (Cling On To Me)”, and has collaborated with artists such as Public Enemy and Pete Rauhofer.

Things are just getting started for the dynamic duo, as they also have two more singles in the works for this year: expect to hear “Anti-Social Media Whore” and “Love Cards” very soon.

You can listen to “Don’t Fall For It” below:

The single will be released this Friday! (June 14th)

We cannot stop listening to this track and can’t wait to hear more from Rob and Amuka!

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