PREMIERE: The Voice’s Jackie Foster Releases ‘Poison’

PREMIERE: The Voice’s Jackie Foster Releases ‘Poison’

Fronted by Jackie Foster, semi-finalist on Season 14 of NBC’s The Voice, Self Portraits premieres “Poison” on CelebMix. From Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music, the band is made up of Jackie Foster (vocals), Gray Trainer (guitar), John Benoit (guitar), Ethan Cate (bass), and Chris Drago (drums).

Immersed in music while growing up, Foster enrolled in Berklee’s summer program when she was in high school. Even though the program exposed her to a vast array of music, Foster found herself smitten by rock music. Berklee, recognizing talent when they saw it, dangled a four-year scholarship in front of Foster. She accepted. One thing led to another, and Foster soon found herself fronting Self Portraits.

“If you have an amazing team of musicians, and write great songs, people will listen. We are going to bring rock music back, it’s been too long,” says Foster.

PREMIERE: The Voice’s Jackie Foster Releases ‘Poison’

On The Voice, Foster performed Pink’s “What About Us.” Kelly Clarkson turned almost immediately, followed by Alicia Keys. Initially joining Team Kelly, Foster was later stolen by Team Adam, and then stolen again by Team Alicia. Advancing to the top eight, Foster performed on the show’s two-night finale.

“Poison” opens with filtered vocals sliding into emerging synth colors, followed by the entrance of Foster’s scrumptious voice and snapping percussion. A pop-flavored rhythm pulses with measured energy ramping up to potent alt rock muscularity on the chorus. Foster’s voice seethes with passion and lustrous timbres, escalating as the harmonics intensify.

Dazzling vocal harmonies infuse the chorus with glowing sonic textures, whirling like logarithmic spirals, imbuing the tune with lush, swelling dimension. The fusion of Foster’s soaring, hypnotic tones with the opulent harmonies boosts the song’s captivating allure.

“Poison” is magnetic. The alt rock/pop melody brims with brilliant, buff energy, and is locked down by the exquisite pressing texture of Jackie Foster’s spellbinding voice.

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