PREMIERE | JACQ Drops Dazzling ‘Oblivion’

JACQ, aka Rich Jacques, premieres his new single, “Oblivion,” on CelebMix. Inspired by the recent erroneous missile alert in Hawaii, the song reflects on the truly meaningful portions of life with solipsistic intimacy.

“Oblivion” is the first of planned monthly releases from JACQ, the solo musical project of Grammy winning producer and artist Rich Jacques, whose work with a vast array of artists encompasses mega-stars, as well as relatively unknown new artists.

As JACQ, Rich Jacques eschews the allure of extensive production techniques and emphasizes a minimalist approach, utilizing guitar, voice, and stripped-down sonic aesthetics to generate airy, gliding music rife with tantalizing emotions, lingering sensations, and mesmerizing colors. The methodology is simplistic, while the results are gloriously sublime.

“Oblivion” opens on a delicate, elegant guitar flowing into a scrumptiously austere dream-pop melody. A surfacing synth infuses the tune with gossamer hues, glowing gently. As the harmonics swell, a cavernous emerging tone gives the tune depth and echoing dimension, with glimmering washes of accents tickling the tonal shell.

JACQ’s voice, tender, rich, and marvelously captivating, touches on the mystical with its warm timbres and supple textures.

The lyrics furnish the music with the luxury of pure emotional fidelity.

“When the bombs drop down / Would we know? / One last kiss before we go / I wouldn’t mind the things that I’ve never done / If there was a thought I’d take to oblivion / I’d choose you / I’d choose you / I’d choose you / Every time / Don’t think twice speak your mind / Everything seems more alive / Maybe the truth is you were the only one / Cause if I had a thought to take to oblivion / I’d choose you.”

Like the luminous dust of rumors, “Oblivion” conveys gorgeous suppressed energy riding on silky tendrils of color, along with quietly intense passion.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.