PREMIERE – Jamin – “Over and Over”

NYC-based DJ and producer Jamin has revealed his brand new remix of “Over and Over”, which CelebMix are premiering.

“Over and Over” is a reworking of fellow New Yorker Danielle Parente’s song of the same name, which was a track from her 2015 album “Dark Eyes”.

Jamin gives a fresh new twist on the song, which is more dance-oriented compared to the original version. Although personally we’re a fan of both versions, Jamin’s version is great to workout to and takes the song to another level!

“The song itself took shape when I asked to create a remix of the original song from Danielle Parente’s album Dark Eyes” Jamin says.

“I kept hearing a danceable electronic track as a bed to paired with her otherwise ethereal and vulnerable lyrics.  We thought the juxtaposition lent itself to dance as a visual expression of the music.”

The remix is accompanied by a very colourful and funky music video:

Of the music video, Jamin reveals:

“The concept is based around having reservations at first and then breaking boundaries between each other and forming connections. It’s a universal concept about eventually finding courage after having deep seeded feelings of fear and reluctance to put yourself out there and become a part of something bigger than yourself; to be vulnerable to another person. Whether it be in a new relationship or in a community it requires taking a risk to overcome the fear of being hurt, looking bad or being vulnerable in anyway.

“The pigment and paint serves as a medium to connect otherwise individual souls. Starting out with solo movements and monochromatic simplicity and then gradually introducing the elements of more paint and colors to aid in the connection between people, movements and bodies. For the video we put our resources together and gathered a group of diverse and talented artists and dancers. It was a super small team of people with limited resources but we made it work. We basically wrapped the interior of an entire studio space to protect it and had a crazy paint party.  It was pretty awesome!”

Jamin released his first single at the age of 18, and since then has become the first DJ accepted into New York University’s Steinhartd School, as well as founding his own recording studio based in Brooklyn.

“Over & Over” proceeds the upcoming release of a set of Jamin EPs, due for release later in the year. Jamin has also previously released other material available on his SoundCloud page.

We cannot get enough of this remix, and we can’t wait to hear more from him in the future!

If you want to keep up with Jamin, make sure to check out his official website and follow his social media:

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Written by Isla Williams

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