PREMIERE: MIREI – “Take Me Away”

CelebMix are premiering the debut single from Japanese singer-songwriter MIREI, titled “Take Me Away”.

“Take Me Away” is a catchy electro-fused pop song which is lyrically about dealing with anxiety or depression, and how one may struggle to feel as if they belong.

Speaking of the song, MIREI said: “I wrote ‘”Take Me Away” with Zak Leever during one of our very first writing session in Brooklyn. The song, overall, is about anxiety so I wanted to film the video in Japan to show a different, dark side of the city and the people chasing their dreams in it.”

However, with the song also comes a positive message of encouragement, as MIREI encourages listeners not to lose faith.

The song’s official music video sees a girl get lost in Tokyo, as she tries to find her way among the crowds of the big city.

Of the music video, MIREI had this to say: “The storyline for the video is about a girl who lost her way by herself in Tokyo.

“Tokyo is a big, beautiful city to chase dreams but we can’t do this forever, sadly. The girl is facing her ideal versus reality and it looks like she’s gone crazy, but she’s not alone.

“This happens to so many women chasing their dreams in any big city. I also wanted to represent where I was born but not only the side that everyone glamorizes.”

MIREI has been interested in music ever since she was young. She used to sing with her parents at karaoke nights from the age of three, and she then began taking dance lessons in kindergarten.

She later began making music on her own at the age of 12, with the help of GarageBand. She has been influenced by big popstars such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Now 21, MIREI is preparing to release her debut EP, also titled “Take Me Away”, sometime in early 2020. For the EP, the singer has worked with producers and songwriters such as Zak Leever and DJ Shiftee, to create a body of work inspired by R&B and post-EDM beats, as the singer explores issues that have been long considered taboo in her native country, such as mental health and the pressures of living in a big city.

There is still lots more to come from this incredibly talented rising starlet, so make sure to keep a look out for her!

You can listen to “Take Me Away” and watch the official music video below:

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