Saint Daniel
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PREMIERE: Saint Daniel – “Wake Me Up and You’re Gone” (Edapollo remix)

LGBT London-based artist Saint Daniel has dropped the music video for the Edapollo remix of his latest single “Wake Me Up and You’re Gone”, which CelebMix are premiering.

Saint Daniel

Lyrically, the song describes the idea that a one night stand could lead to a potential relationship, crushing hopes and realities.

The remix gives the song a new uptempo feel, and is perfect for the summer.

Moreover, the music video is a stunning visual which sees Daniel walk along a landscape of beaches and cliffs.

Daniel said the video is a “aesthetically pleasant cinematic experience that highlights the melancholic feeling of the track”:

Saint Daniel was forced to flee his home country of Russia after facing persecution and abuse due to his sexual orientation. Daniel came to the UK and spent 10 years battling with the Home Office in order to gain refugee status. Now based in London, Daniel’s struggles have helped inspire his music.

“Wake Me Up and You’re Gone” is the debut single from Daniel, who has been inspired by songwriters such as Liam Gallagher and Alex Turner. Daniel is planning on releasing more music in the future, which is set to be influenced by 90’s trip hop and alternative R&B sounds.

We are loving the remix – and if you want to check out the original version of the track, you can listen to it below:

We can’t wait to hear more from Daniel!

If you want to keep up with Daniel, make sure you check out his social media:

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