PREMIERE | Tania Releases Delish ‘Break Up To Make Up’

Pop powerhouse Tania premieres the music video for “Break Up To Make Up” on CelebMix.

Tania says “Break Up To Make Up” is “about that moment when you realize you’re over it. You’re over going around in circles with the person you have been seeing. You’re over breaking up just to make up and are finally taking the steps to end the vicious cycle.”

Co-written by Rico Love, the song was produced by Diego Ave and Dave Aude, while the video was directed by Charlie Taylor.

From Corona, California, where she grew up singing karaoke, Tania was addicted to music early on. Later, she abandoned her dream of being a singer and studied at the University of LaVerne intending to enter law. But the gods of music intervened, leading her to a serendipitous meeting with a car salesman. When he heard her sing, his jaw dropped. He introduced her to people in the music industry, and presto-chango, like Cinderella, the next thing she knew she was in a recording studio working with Rico Love, Eric Bellinger, and Poo Bear.

“Break Up To Make Up” opens on a buff, stylish beat seguing to a tight, contagious rhythm made up of crisp percussion and a pulsing bass line. Skiffing guitar riffs infuse the tune with vibrant accents, as the synths exude streaming washes of color. A cooing synth line in the backdrop adds tasty sweeping tones to the harmonics.

Tania’s voice, rich and vivid, is an octave or two lower than the typical pop singer, giving her tones a lingering, scrumptious timbre that’s totally sui generis, hypnotic and galvanizing. It’s an electrifying voice full of affluent colors and plush textures.

The video, sleek and polished, tells the tale of her escape from a toxic relationship and the exquisite freedom she finds once it’s over.

“Break Up To Make Up” is deluxe and totally slaps. The infectious melody and potent rhythm combined with Tania’s marvelous voice make this song irresistible.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.