PREMIERE: Troi Irons – “Hold On To Your Heart”

Alternative rock singer-songwriter Troi Irons has just released her brand new single, “Hold On To Your Heart”, which CelebMix are premiering.

The song is a midtempo rock number, backed by a piano, that is lyrically about never giving up when it comes to achieving your dreams:

“You wait all your life, you play by the rules to get it right. Work into the night, and never no never give up a fight.”

Speaking of the song, Troi said: “I think as a culture, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed.  We achieve one thing and then immediately focus on the next. Or we work ourselves to the bone getting the thing and by the time we get it, we’re too mentally/emotionally exhausted to enjoy it.

“So “Hold On To Your Heart” is about not losing the moment, whether you’re dreaming or achieving. Young or old – don’t lose heart at any moment because it’s not worth it.” 

Troi Irons

Troi became interested in music when her grandparents gave her a guitar when she was 11 years old, which led to her teaching herself to play the Green Day hit “American Idiot”.

Since graduating high school, Troi has been writing her own songs, and was previously signed to major record labels, but is now an independent artist, making music on her own terms.

Her music is a blend of pop and indie rock, and she has been inspired by female rock musicians such as Alanis Morissette, Alison Mosshart and Shirley Manson.

“Hold On To Your Heart” is the third singer to come from the singer this year, after the release of “Strangers” and “Lost Angels” – the title track to her upcoming album of the same name.

We love the song, and can’t wait to hear more from Troi!

You can listen to “Hold On To Your Heart” below:

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