President Street unleashes the music video for their protest anthem, ‘TIME IS UP’

President Street kicked off 2021 with the release of their critically acclaimed protest anthem, ‘TIME IS UP’ – a song which celebrated the diversity of people coming together in order to fight the system. Now, the music video is out – see it here on CelebMix!

President Street, an underground pop duo from Australia, have been steadily growing their fanbase for some time now, keeping up a steady stream of releases throughout the pandemic – even if meant filming a music video during lockdown on an iPhone camera.

Now, with a new year bringing in a breath of fresh air and energy, President Street have turned to music as a way to share their political opinions, celebrating the beauty of protest. In the UK, this couldn’t be more topical, as the right to protest is now under attack as the government plans to pass bills preventing it.

A celebratory song which revels in the joy of coming together as a people to fight for what is right, TIME IS UP is the perfect song to counteract the uneasy times we find ourselves in today.

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Written by Emma

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