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PRETTYMUCH release new song ‘Summer On You’

Two months after the release of their EP, boyband PRETTYMUCH announced on Twitter that they would be releasing a new song that upcoming Thursday (June 21st).

Fans had been waiting for the release of this song for a while, due to the amount of times they’d played the song live. Alongside ‘Summer On You’, there are two other songs fans that are eagerly waiting to be released, titled ‘Jello’ and ‘Mind of Poseidon’.

On June 19th, the boys released the artwork for the song.

The fans went crazy and expressed how excited they were for the upcoming release stating “Can’t wait” and “I’m living”.

Over the next twenty-four hours, the single’s releases rolled out across the world, with the ‘beanz’ going mad over it. The single was written by Ed Sheeran, and it’s safe to say that both the fans and the boys are absolutely loving it.

To celebrate the release, PRETTYMUCH took to the streets of Los Angeles in an ice-cream truck to hang out with fans. They made three stops, the first being Santa Monica/Crescent Bay Park, giving out ice-cream and playing the music to their fans. The next stop was Melrose Ave, where they did the same as the first stop. The final stop however, Amoeba Music, had fans extremely excited as they teased a brand new song entitled ‘Sonita’.

But that wasn’t all the boys had in store for the fans. They tweeted out a competition, saying that fans had one week to stream ‘Summer On You’ as much as possible to win a chance to hang with them in LA. The full video is below if you’d like to get involved:

The boys are due to perform the song live for the first time since the release this weekend at VidCon.

You can listen to the track here.

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