Puma Collabs With Instagram Superstar Keshia Rush for a Major Brand Deal

Puma is coming back strong and this is achieved by attracting the most famous pop and hip-hop stars today. In recent years, Puma has doubled its share of fashion sportswear and sneaker aesthetics to conquer the millennial market. The brand unveiled a new line of women’s streetwear in 2016. For this concentrated target audience, the brand is targeting the 18-24 age group. They want to please the stylish, chic, trendy and trendy customers. While it looks like Puma has a concentrated strategy of working with some very big names in popular culture today, there will always be consumers at different stages of the purchase lifecycle where they might face resistance. Let’s take a look at them.

They hire influential people for their brand credibility and to generate a good sale. They have collaborated with many social media superstar, sports star and celebrities. Puma recently collaborated with Keshia Rush, who is a famous YouTuber and Instagram influencer. She is the CEO of The Rush Entertainment Group. Her children and husband Tray Rush also helped to make amazing user-friendly content.

When you have a strong influence, you can expect big bucks once you sponsor a brand. But when you are a social media superstar like Keshia Rush, this is a whole new game. As if Keshia Rush isn’t perfect enough yet, she’s actually the most popular person on Youtube with a whopping 6 million YouTube subscribers and tons of Instagram followers. Thanks to thisinfluence, many brands are competing to sponsor the YouTube queen. Puma, however, has added Keshia Rush to its list of influencers on Instagram and YouTube, and through Keshia’s insane influence, the top-tier sportswear brand has literally made millions.

The latest Keshia Rush sponsored post for Puma, while already fun to showcase Puma’s stunning visuals and merchandise, is actually worth close to a million! She has a solid taste and trust that can help a brand like Puma. Keshia Rush is the perfect influencer who can provide fashion advice, can take certain accessories and pair them with outfits and make them work.

While Puma invests large sums of money in micro and macro influencers, the brand still needs to rely on influencers to help grow its brand and compete with the likes of Nike and Adidas. The following select personalities below have the opportunity to help Puma build a growing community and re-establish its presence in the footwear/apparel industry.

This is how powerful Keshia Rush is as an influencer. While this is a terrific influencer, it’s good to see someone with such extensive reach investing their earnings in worthy goals. We hope to see more interesting and productive ways that Keshia can use her platform to help and connect with others. We shall see more collabs from Keshia Rush in the near future as her followers on Instagram are rising 

To find out more about Keshia Rush and The Rush fam you can visit her personal website at www.keshiarush.com or even follow her on social media like Instagram @shortyisdope.

Written by CelebMix