Quivers New Single “If Only” is a Soothing and Melodic Delight

When you know you cannot have someone, oftentimes it only makes you pine for them more. Melbourne, Australian foursome Quivers unveils “If Only”, a song of lust and profound longing. Moody vocals skate atop mellow bass and drums creating a tender track soaked in melancholy angst. That mesmerizing mixture paired with glistening guitar sprinkled throughout makes for a piece that is pure magic. The upfront, frank lyrics that get straight to the point allow us to know exactly what is being felt. Singer Bella professes, “If only I could make you love me / before you move overseas / what a fucked up thing to want / love should just be.” It is lines like this that are so authentic and relatable. We sense every part of the emotion she is eloquently conveying.

The video stunningly communicates the message of, as the single puts it, “a romance so wrong.” Sitting in a vintage car while pensively peering off into the distance there is a laid-back, wistful quality that is wholly intoxicating. Ending with her finally giving in to love, she kisses a zombie-like woman signifying how something that feels wrong can be so right. Sometimes you just have to let your passion overtake you.

Quivers is a jangle pop band consisting of Sam Nicholson, Holly Thomas, Bella Quinlan and Michael Panton. Their double single release features “If Only” as side A and side B showcases a cover of Lucinda Williams’ “I Just Wanted To See You So Bad”. In both offerings, Quinlan takes lead vocals and her supple, angelic tone takes center stage. That sound works seamlessly in a tune about an aching, yearning for love.

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