A two-picture collage in promotion of "DROP 'EM" which sees QUIX on the left with a scraggly beard and wearing a black tee under a dark-grey check shirt, and SOFI on the right with her hair tied up in a bun and she's wearing a green jacket over a yellow sequined top.

QUIX impresses by teaming up with SOFI on the incredible dark spoken word house track “DROP ‘EM”

Combining dark house with spoken word isn’t easy to accomplish, yet QUIX & SOFI team up for this unstoppable new single, titled “DROP ‘EM”. This follows up QUIX’s collaboration with Savage on the single “CREW” and SOFI’s collaboration with Julian Gray on the single “REVOLVER”.

QUIX, real name Jono Schnell, is a New Zealand-born DJ and producer who initially travelled to North America for 10 shows, in 2017, and ended up doing a total of 42. He has been a prominent artist on the house music scene ever since. 2018 saw him headline three tours, including Coachella and acting as the support act on Steve Aoki’s Kolony tour. He has gone from strength to strength ever since, raking in millions of Spotify streams, with his remix of GASHI’s “Creep On Me” featuring French Montana & DJ Snake being his most-streamed track at over 23.2 million streams whilst his collaboration with Boombox Cartel, titled “Supernatural” and featuring Anjulie, is his second most-streamed on the platform with over 9.9 million streams. He clearly is one to watch and is destined to have a global hit track very soon – that’s if “DROP ‘EM” doesn’t become the success it clearly should be.

As for SOFI, whose real name is Sofia Toufa, she is a German-Greek singer-songwriter, actor, DJ, and rapper. She’s best known as the muse from deadmau5’s 4×4=12 where she featured in the songs “Sofi Needs A Ladder” and “One Trick Pony”, she then toured with deadmau5, further solidifying her place in EDM and going on to perform alongside the likes of Skrillex, Zedd, and Porter Robinson. Prior to making her name in music, she joined megastars on tours such as Britney Spears’ 2009 “Circus” world tour and Avril Lavigne’s 2009 “The Best Damn Thing” tour as a dynamic creative, dancer, choreographer, vocalist, and/or performer. She’s gone on to gain hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams, whilst her 2011 track “Bring Out The Devil” is her most-streamed track with “Show N Tell”, her collaboration with EDDIE, just behind. She’s a determined and highly-professional individual, ready to take the world by storm.

Talking about the track, QUIX said: “To be making a song with SOFI is a lifelong dream coming true. Before I even could produce music, I listened to her on ‘4×4=12’ and especially resonated with her song ‘One Trick Pony’. The aggressive powerful rap style vocal was so inspiring and to be here making a song with her now is a big full circle moment. Years ago, I originally had this beat made as a fun remix for a friend, but after some time, I felt that I really had to show the world this song as an original record and so I sought out looking for a top-line. House music isn’t necessarily my go-to genre to produce, but I feel as though this is the best representation of my take on house, and I’m so happy to have worked with SOFI and not only credit to her performance on the record, but an amazing person to have collaborated with.”

Watch the lyric video to “DROP ‘EM” by QUIX & SOFI here:

SOFI went on to say: “‘DROP ‘EM’ is kinda my love letter to electronic music and its scene. The sense of defiance and, at the same time, full submission. Lyrically, I like to play with double meanings, blurring the lines between being literal and metaphorical and leaving things up for interpretation. As soon as I heard QUIX’s first draft, I felt like I wanted to create something that would be fun for me to perform live and that I would also feel hyped to bop to if I heard it being played out. There’s a call-and-response element to it that feels unanimous. Like when you and your friend finish each other’s sentences.”

Written by Jonathan Schnell and Sofia Toufa, whilst it has been produced by QUIX, “DROP ‘EM” is set for a huge limelight as it is bound to go down in history as one (of a select few) hit house spoken word tracks. SOFI’s rap-like vocals hit in hard starting off with chatty, rolling, and addictive chorus lyrics creating a friendship between artists and listeners from the get-go; and, in doing so, preparing us for QUIX’s awesome after-chorus drop which includes dark hard-hitting basslines mixed in with a haunting rhythm. The middle verse adds texture and flavour both lyrically and productionally, which only adds fuel to the flaming hot chorus that is bound to get stuck in one’s head. If there’s one track that’s going to rule your party playlists in 2023, it’s this one.

Stream the new single on Spotify here:

“DROP ‘EM”, by QUIX & SOFI, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Dim Mak Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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