Rachel Platten announces her new album ‘Waves’

STOP EVERYTHING! Fight Song hitmaker Rachel Platten has only gone and released the title, artwork, tracklist and release date of her new record. Oh, Rachel, you are spoiling us.

The American singer-songwriter took to social media to deliver the news die-hard fans have been waiting for, ever since her album Wildfire was released in 2016.

Titled Waves, Rachel’s latest studio album is set for release on 27th October and shall feature her most recent single Broken Glass, a song which exudes girl power, as well as collaborations with songwriters Nate Cyphert, Jon Levine, Jason Evigan and Ian Kirkpatrick.

The artwork for Waves shows Rachel posing in a pool of crystal clear blue water, hands on her temples and perhaps enjoying the calm before the storm that is sure to arrive once she drops new music. Hmm…first Wildfire, now Waves, do we sense a theme of the elements with the album titles here, Rachel?

Speaking to PEOPLE about the message behind her upcoming release, Rachel said: “The message that I want to get across is that you’re good as you are. I will take my mask off and show you who I really am, and show you my vulnerabilities and maybe that gives you permission to take your mask off too.”

Opening up about the process of making the album, Rachel said: “I worked out a lot of heavy stuff on some of the songs and cried on my piano at 3 a.m. some nights, but I also woke up some days and jumped into the ocean and felt amazing and just wanted to write songs I could dance to.”

Not only has Rachel unleashed her album artwork onto the world but she’s also released a new song.

Perfect For You is available to stream and download now. It’s an uptempo, fun pop anthem guaranteed to get you dancing and, as Rachel sings, ‘shaking loose’ anyone who tries to force you to be perfect.

Listen To Rachel Platten’s New Song “Perfect For You” Here:

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screw trying to be perfect for anyone else… #WAVES

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Perfect For You is just one of 13 tracks on Waves, with others including Whole Heart, Labels, Loveback and Good Life.

Are you excited for Rachel’s new album? We have no doubt that she’ll be making Waves with this album. It’ll be out before you know it so get pre-ordering and Tweet us which songs you’re most excited to hear @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix