Raluka Releases “Tattoo” Music Video – English Version To “Du-ma Spre Noi”

The announcement of this music video came on Raluka’s Instagram, the day before this dropped. “Tattoo” is the official English version of her recently released song “Du-ma Spre Noi”; which currently has over two million views on YouTube.

The original was released under Quantum Music in co-production with Global Records on 23 May 2017. We reckon this English version will be released today; if not, definitely in the coming days.

Now sporting red hair, this new single and music video shows off how talented Raluka really is. Catchy to no end “Tattoo” is set to be one we can’t stop listening to; however, many of her fans have said they prefer the Romanian version, we happen to agree; nonetheless, we really do like “Tattoo” all on its own.

Watch Raluka’s “Tattoo” Music Video Here:

This music video was directed by Alex Ceausu. It contains backwards-motion clips that are the exact same as the ones found in “Du-ma Spre Noi”. There isn’t much that has been changed between the music videos, just Raluka performing the song to English lyrics than Romanian.

We watch Raluka spending time with her friend, Angie. As we see the narrative reverse, we find out that they are driving away from her vocally-abusive guy.

The song is beyond catchy; although the Romanian version is much more addicting. Having said that, “Tattoo” has a strong and empowering vocal, that manages to show Raluka off brilliantly. Without hearing “Du-ma Spre Noi” first, we would’ve all loved this song; yet, there’s just something about the Romanian language that is just unforgettable. The music and arrangement were created by Irina Rimes, Vlad Lucan, and Achi; with Sophia Ayana acting as the lyricist.

Watch Raluka’s Original “Du-ma Spre Noi” Music Video Here:

Which one do you prefer? Raluka’s “Tattoo” or “Du-ma Spre Noi”? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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