Rapper Saint West has retired from music after naming of Kim and Kanye’s baby

When you have a baby, your life changes. But what if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a baby? Well, if you’re a rapper named Saint West, your life also changes.

The Vancouver rapper is quitting the music business after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to give their baby the same name.

In a clip posted on TMZ, West gave the couple his best wishes and had some sound advice for the new baby. “Congratulations Kanye and Kim, thank you for choosing such a beautiful name. Saint West, may God smile on you.”

The rapper, whose tracks include ‘Day Dream’ and ‘Handle Business’, is said to be going by his real name, Lindon McIntyre from now on.

He has been quiet since 2011, but recently his name has been storming headlines with news of the baby.

Kim and Kanye welcomed their second child on December 5th. They reportedly decided to give their child the name of ‘Saint’ because he is a blessing after the difficult pregnancy and birth.

For the future, the responsibility of new Saint West releases lies in the hands of a newborn baby…


Written by CelebMix