Raury drops new video for ‘Trap Tears’

Just two months ago, up and coming rap artist Raury released his debut album, All We Need. A lethal combination of compelling lyrics aRaury drops new video for 'Trap Tears' 1nd slick beats, highlighted with an indescribable edge; the 19-year-old musician proves to have more promise than half the artists heard on the radio today.

Enter ‘Trap Tears’, perhaps the finest display of Raury’s talent. Referring to ‘the trap’, or a place where drug deals concur, Raury composes several emotional stories and layers them over smooth, relaxed instrumentals. “And papa died, he used to trap.” The song goes. “His son’s a man, but men don’t cry unless they’re trapped tears.”

The rapper delves into the masked pain that plagues us as humans, revealing that there is more beyond the surface. At his show on November 6th, 2015, Raury himself said the song is about growing up listening to trap music (music about drugs) and aspiring to it when in reality all that results from that type of life is death, pain, and tears. With a message like this, it is easy to see that Raury is a unique, wise role-model.

The music video alone is a work of art. Beautiful tones cast ‘Trap Tears’ in a calming, breathable color scheme while we follow Raury around what seems like his hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. (The term ‘the trap’ actually originated from Atlanta.) From there, we see personified ‘trap houses’, sunsets, and even some contemporary dancing. The ending is what really makes us feel at home.

Raury’s new album, ‘All We Need’, is out now.

You can watch the video for ‘Trap Tears’ here.

Written by CelebMix