One Direction Fans Emotional at the Loss of the Rainbow Bears’ Twitter Account

If you’re a fan of One Direction right now you’re probably feeling one of two emotions – extreme anticipation or borderline instability.  That is, if you’ve been paying any attention at all.

Since One Direction’s hiatus has sort of unofficially begun there have been a hundred theories a day on what was next for the lads – the only thing fans know is that they promised they’d be back.  Another thing fans, at least most of them, know is that RBB & SBB have been seemingly leaving messages for fans since 2015 – and that their identity has never truly been revealed.

These messages came in the form of what the bears were wearing, reading, accessorized with, and lately, what they were doing during One Direction’s hiatus too.  There have been many circumstances in which the bears have eluded to what fans should anticipate, only for those scenarios to come true within days to weeks!  It’s been a fun, sometimes stressful, sort of means of communication between what fans believe to be Louis and Harry (most often) and Liam and Niall.

Some people have said the Bears belonged solely to some of the crew.  Personally, we find it hard to believe that crew members would dress up the bears for no reason at all, especially during their hiatus when there’s no reason for the to keep it up – but we digress.

Most fans of the bears believed that this was a way for Harry and Louis to relay information to them; and if you really paid attention, it made sense – there were some things that just seemed too far fetched to just be labeled coincidence. You can find information on their set ups, outfits, and more here.

Today, however, the RBB/SBB official Twitter account was deleted, and One Direction fans absolutely lost it.  Some fans immediately jumped to this being a bad thing, especially with the One Direction official Twitter posting a “thank you” video on their account today that some fans took as a goodbye more than a thank you.  It’s important to remember that the video first debuted after fans of One Direction got a page in Billboard dedicated to Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall.  It’s also important to remember how many times the boys promised that they’d be back – and to trust them.

Other fans speculated that this could be something amazing – a new beginning of sorts – like perhaps the bears were no longer necessary to relay messages to fans.  Fans have been waiting for months, going on years, for the lads to finally have a better set up for themselves.  It’s no secret that much of their lives during the last five years were shown to fans in an almost manipulated way – along with the media players who sold the narratives that were meant to be seen – the general public only for a glimpse into the true hearts of Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall.

Does the loss of the Twitter account for the bears truly signify a new beginning? Does it mean that Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall are on the brink of being able to be themselves?  Does it mean that the stunts and charades are on their way to being over too, specifically the ones that paint the lads in a bad light?  Perhaps, at least that’s what we – along with the fans – are hoping.  Could it also mean absolutely nothing at all, and be a means to an end for an internet troll?  Unfortunately yes, but it never hurt anyone to be a little bit hopeful now did it?

It’s also worth noting that the Modest! Management website has been down for a few days – so while the speculation continues – it’s easy to see why some fans are anxious (in a good way) about what this all could mean, and if freedom is what this means, well we’ve got our glasses of bubbly poured and ready.


Written by CelebMix