READY4 Drops Debut Music Video “Personal”

There is a new on the scene that we promise you’ll be obsessed with as they release more and more music; their name is READY4. The group dropped their debut music video, titled “Personal”, today and we sure hope the song gets an official single release in the coming weeks.

READY4 are a four-piece boy band consisting of Will Homewood, Louis Black, Killian Rerat, and Jake Khadaroo. They’re quickly building up their fan base after announcing themselves as READY4 on 7 June 2019. They are certainly an exciting new group, with each of the guys taking the spotlight, not only in the music video but also on their Instagram page, where they also reveal snippets of tracks they plan to release in the future. This is definitely a group you’ll want to support, especially when they drop addicting tracks like this one, “Personal”.

The song is extremely catchy with an enthusiastic pop/rock beat with some electronic vibes running throughout which compliments Will Homewood’s voice perfectly. His voice floods the song with the much-needed emotion and as a listener, you can hear his feelings and what this song means to them as a group. Guitarist Killian Rerat and bassist Louis Black impress throughout the verses whilst drummer Jake Khadaroo shines during the chorus, making the whole track sound amazing from start to finish.

As for the music video, we watch the group performing together in what looks like a warehouse. The visual has some cut-scenes of each of the guys allowing all four of them to have the spotlight within the visual. Confident and in control, READY4 are set to be the boyband to watch, as they build up their music, their fanbase, and their potential.

Watch READY4’s Debut Music Video For “Personal” Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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