Recap of America’s Got Talent Live Shows Week 2

Did you miss the second week of America’s Got Talent’s live shows? We recap everything that happened.

Flip: All-Girl Dance Group

The first act to perform is the dance group, Flip. The group consists of all girls, who describe themselves as “girly girls” who love to shop and have sleepovers, but also work hard for their performances. Flip is a wild card pick, meaning that they were originally cut from the show, but were called to return.

The comments for Flip were mixed along the panel of judges. Simon said that it started off well, but was left disappointed in the end. Heidi Klum, however, said that she loved the performance, and the girls’ moves were on point and their outfits were spectacular.


Moya Angela: Soulful Vocalist

The second act is Moya Angela. She sang “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” by Whitney Houston. The judges gave her positive feedback. Simon, however, wished she would let go more.


Viktor Kee: Juggling Artist

The third act to perform is Viktor Kee, a juggler. Viktor wowed the judges with his magical performance. He made his juggling look effortless! Although he did make a small mistake, he quickly recovered!


Kadie Lynn: Teen Country Singer

Kadie Lynn sang “My Church” by Maren Morris. Mel B praised her confidence. The judges can’t believe that such a beautiful and strong voice comes from a girl who is only twelve years old!


Ryan Stock & AmberLynn: Daredevil Team

The next act to perform is Ryan Stock & AmberLynn. The duo perform dangerous stunts, such as Ryan putting objects down his throat. Their performance had an “I Love Lucy” feel, as the judges put it. They were on stage in an “American family” setup. The presentation had an innocent feel, which contrasted with their dangerous stunts. The act took a turn when Ryan put a target in his mouth, and AmberLynn aimed an arrow at it. Unfortunately, Ryan got hurt. The judges then urged Ryan to get checked by the medical team. After the commercial break, host Nick Cannon revealed that Ryan is okay, but he is bruised.


Calysta Bevier: Singer Receives Standing Ovation

Before she performed, Calysta Bevier shared her story about getting ovarian cancer. She said that singing helped her through her difficult time. On the live show, she sang “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, which couldn’t be a more perfect choice for a brave girl. Calysta received a standing ovation from all four judges. Simon was also extra proud of her because she was his golden buzzer. The judges also agreed that Bevier’s performance was the most flawless of the night.


Sofie Dossi: Teen Contortionist

Sofie Dossi is a fifteen-year old contortionist. However, she is no normal contortionist because she combines archery. Sofie came down on the stage, twirling down a piece of cloth. She then landed on her pedestals, and balanced on it. To end her performance, she put her arrow on fire, blindfolded herself, and accurately aimed the arrow to its target. The judges were terrified, but amazed! Simon said that he loves how Sofie’s act is “home-grown” because she is self-taught and her dad builds her props.


The Clairvoyants: Mentalists

The Clairvoyants absolutely blew everyone away! The duo is made up of Thommy and Amélie. Amélie stood on the stage, while Thommy went to the judges’ table. Thommy asked Simon to pick a jelly bean out of a bag, and he chose a purple one. While Amélie faced away from the judges the whole time, she correctly guessed that Simon chose the purple jelly bean. Next, Heidi picked one, and again Amélie correctly guessed that Heidi picked the bubblegum-flavored jelly bean.

Thommy then asked Mel B to pick a handful of jelly beans, while he also asked Howie Mandel which jelly bean flavor he wants to be invented. Howie responded with “spicy chocolate.” Amélie guessed that Mel B picked exactly 22 beans, and again, she was right! Thommy and Amélie then revealed a board that was on the stage the entire performance. When the cover came off, all of the predictions were written on it! All of the judges were in complete shock.

Sal Valentinetti: Singer Covers One Direction

Sal Valentinetti gave a beautiful rendition of One Direction’s “Story of My Life.” Sal was Heidi’s golden buzzer, and she was dancing along to his whole performance. He completely changed the song to make it sound like a classic hit.


ThroWings: Acrobatic Act

ThroWings are a duo who do acrobats. They also had a mix of reviews. Simon wished the duo added something more to their performance. Mel B, however loved their act. Howie added that performing with strobe lights added to the danger because it makes it hard to see what they are doing while up in the air.


Steven Brundage: Rubik’s Cube Magician Showcases Talent

Steven Brundage was also a wildcard pick, due to high demand from viewers. He came back stronger than ever and left everyone speechless. Steven does magic with a Rubik’s cube. When Heidi and Mel B chose their colors on the cube, Steven pulled out two Rubik’s cubes out of a bag that revealed blue and red. He correctly predicted which colors the girls were going to pick! Lastly, he asked Howie to mix up a cube, while Steven did the same behind his back with another cube. When Howie stopped, so did Steven. Steven then revealed that both his and Howie’s cubes were exactly the same! Steven then turned the judges’ attention to the big Rubik’s cube that he asked Simon to guard in the beginning of the act. It matched Howie and Steven’s cube! The judges applauded and were glad they asked Steven to come back.


Sos & Victoria: Rapid Quick Change Act

The last act to perform was Sos & Victoria. The two are quick change magicians. The judges also gave a mix of reviews. Simon didn’t like the act this time around. The judges also brought up the fact that there were some mistakes in the performance.


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Written by Michele Mendez

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