Records being broken by Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The pre-sale for the new episode of the phenomena Star Wars has started earlier this week. The film has broken the IMAX record with about $7 only for the US screenings! The world premiere is going to have its premiere on December 17th.
The IMAX corporation said that the Monday pre-sale has absolutely surpassed the pre-sale for such a phenomena as “The Dark Knight Rises” and the very popular “Fault In Our Stars” based on the novel by John Green.
Since the new trailer debuted on ESPN on Monday, there are already three trailers for “The Force Awakens” and all the fans could not be more excited!
According to Twitter, there were about 20,000 tweets per minute about Star Wars, when tre trailer was released. Facebook said that there was more than 2 million interaction within the first hour when the trailer aired.
There should be more trailers before the world premiere. Moreover, there is a midnight premiere of the film in some countries over the world!
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Written by CelebMix