Red Velvet invite you to the ReVe Festival Day 2 with comeback announcement

The most musically interesting and diverse group in KPOP are back as Red Velvet announce their ReVe Festival Day 2 comeback.

After the memorable and catchy electro-pop Zimzalabim that was released in only one month ago, the festivities continue with Day 2. The visual teaser posted to their Twitter teases an electro-funk sound, hinting at the potential title track Umpah Umpah followed by a series of underwater space themes. This will be the second mini-album in their festival season series following from the ReVe Festival Day 1.

Red Velvet is known for having incredibly bold and out-there concepts, something that plays to the strength of the group as you never quite know what to expect their next comebacks to look or sound like. Whether you like it or not the group will serve you immediately catchy choruses that you can’t stop singing and will play on repeat in your head for days. Their everchanging concept keeps fans excited, on their toes and eagerly anticipating their latest musical releases, keeping them one of the most diverse groups in the game.

The fab five has become known as the current KPOP Queens of the Summer after their phenomenal summer comebacks such as Red Flavour and Power Up, both providing those powerful and refreshing pop bops that we all need during the heat of the summer.

ReVe Festival Day 2 will be released on August 20th at 6pm KST with more information coming over the next eight days. In the meantime, you can watch the music video for Zimzalabim below and for all the latest news on the Red Velvet girls remember to follow the CelebMix account!

Written by Ellie Nicholas

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