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Red Velvet Unveils Retro ‘Power Up’ Music Video Teaser

Red Velvet has released the music video teaser for their upcoming single, “Power Up,” which unlike their previous comeback for “Bad Boy,” has the girls return to their signature fun and colorful concept.

The video shows the group’s five members – Irene, Yeri, Joy, Wendy and Seulgi – in a retro-like setting, filled with CDs, fruit, flowers and a giant TV. To match the old-fashioned theme, the girls of Red Velvet don bright, pin-up style clothing, as seen in their comeback teaser images, which released earlier this week.

Watch Red Velvet’s MV Teaser for “Power Up” below.

In preparation for the girls’ summer comeback, SM Entertainment unveiled a “Summer Magic” interactive mobile website, named after the group’s upcoming EP. The website allows fans to mix their favorite ingredients together to create the ultimate summer drink. To give fans ideas of what to create, the group released recipe videos and a “magic menu board” filled with various drinks and flavors. The drinks can also be seen in the group’s “Power Up” music video, as well as their comeback teaser photos.

This isn’t the first time the girls have made their concept revolve around sweets. Due to their name being “Red Velvet,” many of their songs have been named after treats, such as “Ice Cream Cake,” “Red Flavor” and “#CookieJar.” These bubbly tracks are part of the girls’ “red” side, while more R&B tracks such as “Be Natural,” “Automatic” and “Bad Boy” are part of the girls’ “velvet” side. The group’s ability to switch between lighter and darker concepts is just one of the reasons why fans love them so much.

Red Velvet is set to make their summer comeback tomorrow, Monday, August 6th. With all these amazing visuals, we can’t wait to see the group’s full “Power Up” music video and choreography!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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